Martha Stewart

By: Bailey Dillon

Early Life

Martha Stewart was born August 3rd, 1941. She grew up in Nutley Jew Jersey with her 5 other siblings and her parents; Martha and Edward Kostyra. As a child, at the age of 13, Martha modeled fir fashion shows, television and print advertisements. Later on in her life when she attended college, she went to Barnard College in Manhattan. There she earned a degree in European and architectural history in 1962. Later on , she met her husband Andrew Stewart and had a daughter Alexis Stewart. Taking on her love for cooking, Martha had begun catering and developed her own business Martha Stewart Inc.

Martha Stewart Inc.

After catering for a decade, Martha's company had grown into a 1Million dollar business. Martha first started out by publishing her first book Entertaining, After that she published more readings such as; Martha Stewart's Quick Cook Menus, Martha Stewart's Christmas and Stewart's Wedding Planner. In 1991, Martha Stewart Inc. became Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. Her small books turned into small how-to magazines, a radio show, Tv show, and even an internet site. Her business was booming and was making $763 million in annual retail sales.


Many skills make Martha a great leader. She had very good communication skills form catering and working with so many professionals. Also, she was an efficient worker from making big quantities of food in a small period of time. She is also a very critical, independent thinker from making so many recipes and creating wedding plans.

My Opinion

I admire how Martha Stewart followed her dreams and created her cooking and wedding ideas into a booming business. I enjoyed researching her because i love cooking. As of now, i have no idea what i would want to invent or improve but i would definitely want to make many peoples' lives easier and more enjoyable.