Freedom Island

Ecotourism Adventures!

Here you can enjoy a holiday without ruining the environment while doing so.

There are tours through nature reserves with walkways built for tourists to walk on, this is because the constant walking over the land would kill plants and the land would get worn out without them. Also the guide of the tour is educated on the native animals and plants so the tour is nature based, sustainable and educational.

About Freedom Island.

No fuel is used to get to Freedom Island.

Kayaks or Row boats are used to travel to and from the island. There is a guide that will lead the way and tourists will follow. On the way to Freedom Island, the guide will tell the tourists some of the ecotourism activities on Freedom Island while also pointing out interesting things in the surrounding environment.

We have both a Zoo and an Aquarium

On Freedom Island tourists can enjoy looking at animals while also learning about them at our Zoo and Aquarium. The Aquarium has tours that are lead by an educated guide that can tell them all they need to know about the animals they are looking at, while the Zoo has animals that are being rehabilitated so that they are ready to be released back into the wild.