PRJHS Weekly Newsletter

May 18 - May 28, 2015


JHS Building Level Goals

The PawPrint Press - Spring Edition

The PawPrint Press is out. Please click on the link below to view the Spring Edition of the JHS Newspaper.

Birthday Wishes

  • Howard Berry - May 18
  • Kim Moran - May 19
  • Paul Dippold - May 20
  • Louise West - May 20
  • Kevin Kokowski - May 23
  • Barbara Pomeroy - May 23
  • Jorge Castro - May 25
  • Cari-Lynn Skipper - May 25
  • Carol Turano - May 26

Dates to Remember

  • Anti-Bullying Week: June 1 - June 5
  • Principals Breakfast: June 2, 8:30 am
  • Character Counts Celebration: June 2, periods 11 and 12
  • JHS Department Meetings: June 2
  • Ty Drago 7th Grade Presentation: June 3, period 12 in the JHS Cafeteria
  • Service Learning Day: June 5
  • 9th Grade Breakfast: June 9, periods 2 and 3 in the JHS cafeteria
  • JHS Awards Night: June 9, 6:30 pm
  • JHS Department Meetings: June 9
  • In-House Drama Production: June 11, periods 3 and 11
  • 9th Grade Semi-Formal: June 12, 6:00 pm
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JHS Baby News

  • Congrats to Scott and Melissa Beaton on the birth of their daughter, Cecilia Alice Beaton
  • Congrats to Eric Coxen and the birth of her daughter, Amaya Beverly

Sporting News

  • Congratulations to Ally Vezos and Teresa Hudson who represented Pinelands at the Softball All-Star Game.
  • Congratulations to Emma Wilhelm (Southern), Rachel Papernik, Fiona McGettigan, Alyssa Rodrigez, Kayla Gutierezz, Noel Mahon, Brooke Crowley, Meghan Yuro, and Sarah Keady as they won the championship at the Good Sports Middle School Field Hockey League in Wall
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Anti-Bullying at the JHS

The week of June 1st will be Pinelands Regional Junior High School’s second annual Bullying Awareness Week. Bullying Awareness Week is about working at preventing bullying through education and awareness. Bullying Awareness Week is NOT about what others could or should be doing, but rather what WE can do! Bullying is a community issue and school is a critically important part of the solution.

Regardless of the activities you choose to participate in, there are key messages that Bullying Awareness Week will focus on:

· Bullying is wrong and harmful.

· Bullying is a community issue, we all need to play a part in addressing it .

· Youth involvement and leadership is very important.

· Challenging and supporting potential bystanders or "silent majority" to not accept bullying behavior as normal.

· Everyone has the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others, in person and online.

Research has shown us that approximately 15% of any given population in school or the workplace are directly involved with bullying, that leaves 85% as potential bystanders or silent majority. This group is the primary focus and target audience for Bullying Awareness Week.

Enclosed in this email is an introduction to bullying with statistics and links to bullying awareness videos put together by our own, Tyrie Johnson. We know that homeroom can be a very hectic time of the day, but please find the time to go over some statistics and show these short videos in hopes to create awareness.

As always thank you for your continued support in furthering the social growth of our students. We wish you all wonderful end of the school year.

Kind Regards,

~Wildcats in Action Team

Video Links

Scheduling Collaborative Update

I have provided a link below that will you take you to the presentation that was given to the staff by the Scheduling Collaborative at the May 19 General Staff Meeting.

National Junior Honor Society

Graduating Members of the National Junior Honor Society:
  • Nicole Babcock, Rachel Balko

  • Kamryn Barr, Christopher Benya

  • Victoria Biassi, Tristan Culp

  • Jacqueline Dunn. Kyle Erzinger

  • Rose Farrell, Susan Grelak

  • Allison Hart, James Harrison

  • Madison Hawkins, Brianna Hoegler

  • Jenna Johnson, Madison Kay

  • Julia Kline, David Kohler

  • Alexis Martinez, Liam McGettigan

  • Christopher Milano, Allura Miller

  • Paige Miller, Shelby Miller

  • Matthew Muller, Tina Murray

  • Vincent Pace, Jacqueline Peschko

  • Nicholas Rapallo, Jade Rhodes

  • Jessie Rising, Tara Staines

  • Rachael Staino, Caden Sundermann

  • Brianna Suralik, Colin Sweeney

  • Samia Tariq, Sana Tariq,

  • Jason Tibaldo, Benjamin Defiglio

New Inductees:

  • Sharon Benson
  • Adrianna Dancisin
  • Amanda Delbury
  • Tyler Demmerle
  • Alexander Dimm
  • Anthony Falduto
  • Farrah Beth Fornarotto
  • Hailey Gantt
  • Rachel Germain
  • Kayla Gutierrez
  • Zachary Hoegler
  • Colin Johnston
  • Sarah Keady
  • Paul Losiewicz
  • Elizabeth Makar
  • Fiona McGettigan
  • Erin Pomponio
  • Nolan Rollison
  • Madison Rotonda
  • Bryanna Quigley
  • Calista VaCirca

* Thank you to our 9th graders for all of their dedication as members of the NJHS. You have definitely set the standard for our new inductees. Best of Luck at the High School. Thank you Mrs. Constantino for all off your time and hard work throughout the year. The ceremony was wonderful.

Mrs. Flanagan's CAT Project

The students in Mrs. Flanagan's Civics classes will be hosting a community garage sale to take place this Saturday, June 6, on the JHS campus. All the money raised by our students will be donated to Operation Gratitude and the Popcorn Park Zoo.
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JHS Yearbook Gets Honorable Mention

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Star Lab Invades the JHS Media Cetner

The Star Lab is a portable planetarium that gives students as well as teachers an in depth look at the unspoiled night sky.The Star Lab was utilized by Mrs. Raber and other science classes. I
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Wildcats In Action Training and Elementary School Visits

During the month of May our Wildcats In Action team welcomed new members and visited our local elementary schools to expose the incoming 7th graders the JHS Character Education program.

Thank you to our graduating Wildcats In Action Seniors:

  • Chad Astemborski
  • Emily Dancisin
  • Naomi Stas
  • Ryan Gianuzzi
  • Bridget Zarych
  • Brendan Solevy
  • Kyle Chieffo