Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson and slavery by:Mac Sanders

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Why did he need slaves? What were his accomplishments? Why was he the father of democracy ? These are some of the many questions asked about Thomas Jefferson I will answer them

His slaves

Why did Thomas Jefferson need slaves??!! Thomas Jefferson was one of the wealthiest slave owners in the world. Jefferson had over 200 slaves. He needed them to help run Monticello. He also used them to take care of the plantation. In case you don't know who or what Monticello is, it's Thomas Jefferson's house. He is the one who gave it that name.

His accomplishments

Thomas Jefferson had many accomplishments heres three.He was the chief author of the declaration of independence.He was the third president of the u.s.He was also the founder of Virginia university . And that three major accomplishments.

The father of democracy?

Here are three reasons .He wanted a place were its not about the government but about the people. He wanted a place for the people and by the people.He also was the founder of the Democratic party.And that's three reasons why hes the father of democracy .

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And thats all about his accomplishments, slaves, and how hes the father of democracy. And thank you for taking a look at my flyer. Comment by the author : i really loved doing this flyer and i hope any body who finds this that it helps or entertained you.