Assistive Technology Services

Affordable supports for all learners

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What is Assistive Technology?

We offer learners academic support by determining which of the most current technology tools can ensure that your child has a level playing field in which to participate with their peers. Assistive technology does not replace intervention service or great teaching, it simply gives your child another avenue of learning information that is easily accessible, affordable, and will grow with them in college and in life.

Is an AT Evaluation the Right Option for My Child?

Individual Assistive Technology Evaluations

IEP Teams meet throughout the school year to strategize how to meet the needs of learners. Assistive technology is now used for more than communication. If any of the situations below describe your student contact us for a FREE consultation.

Does your student:

  • Struggle to read despite intensive instruction
  • Lacks focus unless a 1:1 support is available
  • Needs visual support to understand basic and advanced mathematical problems
  • Can never find or complete an assignment in an organized manner
  • Inability to express thoughts/content in a written or verbal expressions
  • Needs additional tune to process information or must be retaught new concepts numerous times
  • Overwhelmed by multi-step problems or highly interactive software

What is an Assistive Technology Evaluation?

When Considering an Assistive Technology Evaluation:

The assistive technology assessment process as a team effort. The assistive technology evaluator should make recommendations based on your child’s unique need for accommodations, adaptations, devices, and services.

  • Procedures for all aspects of AT assessment are clearly defined and consistently applied.
  • AT assessments are conducted by a team with the collective knowledge and skills needed to determine possible AT solutions that address the needs and abilities of the student, demands of the customary environments, educational goals and related activities.
  • All assistive technology assessments include a functional assessment in the student’s customary environments, such as the classroom, lunchroom, playground, home, community setting or workplace.
  • Assistive technology assessments, including trials, are completed within reasonable timelines.
  • Recommendations from assistive technology assessments are based on data about the student, environment and tasks.
  • The assessment provides the IEP team with clearly documented recommendations that guide decisions about the selection, acquisition and use of AT devices and services. : Assistive technology needs are reassessed anytime changes in the student, the environments and/or the task result in the student’s needs not being met with current devices and/or services.

Assistive Technology Evaluations

  • Determine what your child needs to be successful based on an evaluation, school records, parent/teacher input, and more
  • Learners of all ages
  • IEP or 504 not required
  • Conducted in school or at our private practice
  • Private payment discount (schools may reimburse)
  • Easy to schedule with quick results

How will My Child Learn to Use the Technology Recommended?

Many students find that 1:1 instruction is the best method of obtaining the skills necessary to utilize technology to its fullest level of support. Students with and without Assistive Technology Evaluation benefit from learning how to manage technology in a 1:1 or small group setting.

  • Small group or 1:1 Instruction
  • Training opportunity with parents, teachers, or support staff
  • Push into the classroom or pull out into a quiet location
  • At school or in our office

How will Teachers and Staff Use Technology to Support Learning?

Staff Training: Meaningful and Affordable!

Technology is used in classrooms every day, but is it being utilized to the fullest? Learn how to implement a plan to ensure that all teachers receive the training they need in order to differentiate and get the most out of technology.

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Staff Training Sample Sessions

Support your staff integrating technology in and out of the classroom.

  • Using learning centers and technology
  • Elementary and secondary technology resources
  • What should the teacher “look for” when using tech with a struggling student
  • How tech can increase independence
  • English Language Learner Technology Supports
  • Technology and mental health
  • Technology and career planning beyond interest assessments
  • Parent Night: How to Utilize Technology at Home
  • What Alexa can do for your classroom
  • Universal Design for Learning with Technology