The How To Of Sponsoring

What to say and where to find it

Where To Start

Sponsoring is all about sharing the joy of Stella & Dot with others. So, your first step is to share your excitement. Use social media to reach out to the MASSES! Updating your status with your latest look, our monthly meetups and your overall happiness is a great way to get others on board.
Do you have a customer, who just keeps coming back for more? Share the opportunity with her! There's nothing wrong with telling her "I love taking your money, but you could get these items for free if you just became a stylist!". Trust me, I have used those words on a few of my potential stylist. A few of those ladies are stylist on our team and others are still my best customers.

Below are two examples of words to say to prospective stylist. The most important part of speaking with a potential stylist is to FOLLOW-UP!

As always, I'm here to help you! Send me a message, a text or VOXER me!

Here Are Words to Say From Stylist Lounge

This sample from straight from the Stylist Lounge. You will need to edit it, so that it addresses your prospective stylist. In this sample, the stylist offers both the hostess opportunity and stylist opportunity.

Hi Emily!

How are you? I hope great! I was just thinking about you when I saw

the release of our new Holiday Collection at Stella & Dot! Such an exciting season, such an exciting new line, and I couldn’t help but think - such an exciting opportunity for YOU!

I was going to see if you wanted to host a Trunk Show next week so

you could get tons of free product you love? I have the 12th and 13th

still open! And I just realized, YOU should be the Stylist and not me.

As a Stylist not only do you get tons of free product, but you also get

the cash!

In fact, I have a show coming up on the 7th. Come with me, see what

its like, and let’s talk about you launching your own flexible business.

You are so good with people, I think you would love it - and you

would be amazed at how fun and awesome this gig is!

I love being a Stylist - it just works for me! I love going out to style

friends and coming home with a couple hundred extra dollars. Especially during the holiday season! Stella & Dot is growing and I think

you would be perfect to grow with us!

I’ll give you a call tomorrow morning on your drive to work to see

what you think! Have a great day!

Talk soon

Does this look familiar?!?

I sent this email to ALL of you. Guess what! Jess sent it to me! Don't recreate the wheel. Just make a few changes to make this about you and the prospective stylist!

Hi Harriet!
So just to give you a little info about me and my business- I just started last January and have completely fallen in love with this company. I am a Star Stylist with the company. I work primarily from my home-office here in Baltimore, MD and spend about 10 hours a week on Stella & Dot - about 1-2 trunk shows a week. I feel so fortunate that I'm able to flex my hours to work around teaching, coaching, and my super large family! I'm very passionate about training & ensuring my team has everything they need to succeed. Jessica Herrin, our CEO and Founder, previously co-founded Our designers are so incredibly talented and create fashion forward pieces at unbelievable price points. Our CCO went to Parsons Design school in Paris, worked for Louis Vuitton & introduced jewels to Banana Republic for 17 years. S&D is cutting-edge (featured in every fashion magazine from Vogue, InStyle & Lucky to Glamour, Cosmo & Elle), and is one of Inc 500's fastest growing companies. I LOVE this business and am blessed to be able to help other women become successful too. I have found that helping other women has become my "pay it forward" in life. I would love to answer any questions you may have ~ I absolutely love what I do! Sipping wine, meeting great women and coming home with money in my pocket is a great way to make a living - or just a little extra money. Whether you want to do 1 show a month or 10 a month - it's totally up to you!

Hear Our Story :
Spring Collection:
Life as a Stylist:
Please take a look at the short videos above and then email/message me back with your interest level which will determine our next steps. Our trunk show demand is HUGE right now especially with the Spring Line launch and we're in great need of stylists to keep up with it. Right now is a great time to become a stylist. With the top fashion magazines are already loving it, Stella & Dot sells itself! I look forward to chatting soon!
Can't wait to hear from you!
Thank you,
Deb Donovan