Points of Pride

December 1, 2017

Instructional Focus:

The holiday season is officially here!

From Thanksgiving to New Year's is commonly called the "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year." While this statement rings true for the majority of our students, this time of the year can also be downright scary for some. In today's culture, many of our students' families do not look like the ones on television.

The holidays can bring many unknowns to our students. At Settler's we have many students in the foster system, a couple of families that are classified as McKinney Vento (meeting federal guidelines to be considered homeless), a multitude of students that are affected by divorce/separation of parents, and many that handle day to day situations that are less than ideal.

Some students are concerned about who they will be spending the holidays with, others are nervous about what, if anything they are going to get for Christmas. For some students, Settler's Point is the stability in their life, and the thought of having two weeks off is tough on them.

By all means, enjoy the holiday season with your students; however, in all the craziness, take the time to connect with your students. Be mindful of changes in behavior as the holidays approach. Keep your daily routines constant and predictable (as much as you can). Love on your students, yes, even "that student."


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