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What’s up with Media Literature? Truthfully what is it? Well As someone who gets the opportunity to be educated i would like to take time to tell you my thoughts on Media Literature. I believe we use Media literacy every day in our lives but mostly in school, here is why i think this. Media literacy can be correlated with education because it uses accuracy and structure and life skills that are very important in the work and school environment. Media Literacy also can relate with common events in society, it can show you how to lead an example in your growth in life. People tend to look at each other’s examples and opinions through media and keep up with each other through periods of time. Media Literacy can also be how you write about it. Are you writing a paper or common event using those skills to keep it organize and up to date with the world. This way it’s an example of a certain structure of writing within your paper and the media. It can help you portray your meaning and what you say to the readers. The reason I put Donald Trump as one of my example pictures Is because he is a perfect picture of someone in media but also shows what not to do in media. By following up with his publicity track you can see the response of the people and then determine what to do and what not to do in the media.

Birthed Dorito Baby

The power of a Super Bowl commercial

The Doritos Super Bowl commercial for 2016 exceeded expectations on showing how desirable their product is. The scene takes place at an ultrasound with a careless dad focusing more on the “crunchy delicious” snack then focusing on their soon to have child. The Dorito is so appealing that it causes the baby to fling after the chip, forcing labor. This humorous clip is not about the birth scene, more of the fact that the Dorito is so appealing to the audience or pregnant mothers that it even cause’s baby’s to try to get them.

Doritos 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

Proles me must be

Reading this passage if I'm being honest i don't think this relates to our generation right now. In the passage they basically come out of the womb having to raise themselves and take responsibility, it makes me feel like they act like my parents do now. Our generation now has grow to be lazy, but its becoming to be that we do not know anything because we rely on our electronics to give us the fast and easy answer. Electronics have advanced but also made us less educated in a way. What i mean by that is even though electronic can distillate our brains they've also helped us advance to something we cant do our selves. They have helped communicate , heck I'm using one right now to help me communicate my thoughts to you. The bigger issue is what about the people who get a hold of social media and electronics and use it for wrong purposes. Social media can bring out the worst in people or maybe the truth about who they really are. But truthfully i cant tell you weather the goods outweigh the bad because i just don't know, i would be lying if i agreed with the bad when i know i still use electronics. So i guess its up to you, how do you chose to use what you've been given freely. When i think about our society now and how electronics take place , its almost hard for me not to imagine that, because its all I've ever known. Even though it was not to long ago that the evaluation of electronics began, when i was born phones and computers were already advance. Now as I'm growing and time is passing I'm beginning to see it revolutionize to a work that only exists and depends on it. I wonder what is to come and sometimes its hard to imagine for my future kids what they will see , and how their generation will advance beyond our time. I wonder how they will come and function and if just like me they will say it wasn't too long ago until my time. The future is rapidly advancing and do we really need all these electronics ? I don't think so , if anything it depriving us from our culture and who we use to be. So when all will fail in the future we can hopefully convert back to how things were. I just think it will be more difficult, back them people were happy with what was going on and what they do. Now if you had to strip back all of the electronic ability and people had to go back to the way things were , instead of being happy and content they will be sad and depressed. I imagine they would think we were in a revolution or concentration camp. To me that just seems so sad because we once didn't have any of those things and we were happy and independent. A world without electronics now would just be a world learning how to cope.

We're A Nation of Proles

Two Sided Depression
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Justin Bieber goes on his world tour for the first time in years. After tickets were available to buy the pop sensation cancels his meet and greets included in the 2,000$ VIP ticket per person due to the feeling of depression. The non refundable tickets made fans from all over furious because the expensive fee was paid to be able to meet Justin in the first place. Donna Dooley caught the attention of Fox 8 news by posting on Facebook her frustration, how she paid 4,000$ just so she can take her daughter Sarah who sufferers with cerebral palsy to see her favorite person. Donna expressed her anger through the interview saying "She cant talk. She has to use a computer to talk. that should be someone who has the RIGHT to be depressed." I find this interesting how Justin comments on being depressed from being overwhelmed and Donna discusses real depression should be like her daughter who cant do much. Two opposite depressions one from too much attention and one from having none. I find this interesting because no matter if your busy or not people still can be depressed. So is there a right or wrong depression?


In March 10th 2016, the primary debate in Miami; Trump Stated "Education through Washington, D.C., I don’t want that," Trump replied. "I want local education, I want the parents and I want all of the teachers, and I want everybody to get together around a school and to make education great." Trump has repetitively made this attack to the federal and education system and isolated Washington DC. Stating his disagreement with the way the education system is run there compared to everywhere else. Bottom line there is a reason the common core was made, it was to unify education for students all together saying they all have the same goal. So Washington may act different, people from all different areas are going to act how they were raised in their area, but the education system stays constant for everyone. I think trump states this lie to show people who don’t know the facts that he will provide and wants equality when really he wants control

Republican presidential Ted Cruz brought his impetuous calls for limited government and lower taxes to California April 11th, during stump speeches in Irvine and San Diego. Ted Cruz states, “The polling shows over and over again that, unlike Donald Trump, that with me as the (GOP presidential) nominee, we beat Hillary Clinton.” Cruz also states in the YouTube video in the link, "My focus is on beating Hillary Clinton, and poll after poll after poll shows Donald losing badly to Hillary. And poll after poll after poll shows me beating Hillary." I believe this statement was made out of fear over his own republican candidate Donald Trump. This statement wasn’t just implying the Democratic Party but to the Republican Party as well, suggesting Trump isn’t strong enough to pull over Clinton like he can. Politifact found Cruz was right about polls showing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump losing to Clinton in a November matchup, but Cruz wasn’t accurate when portraying his own standing against Clinton in the surveys. The recent national polls showed on “” and found, “Of the nine surveys released in the last month, Cruz beats Clinton in only one — a Fox News poll where Cruz scores 3 percentage points higher than Clinton.”

Speaking of the Democrat Hillary Clinton, she strikes a mostly false remark at the Republican Party’s plans to ‘Privatize’ social security. Clinton said, “The Republicans, still want to privatize (Social Security). In fact, their whole idea is to turn over the Social Security trust fund to Wall Street." Clinton uses this statement not knowing that none of the remaining three presidential candidates have said the United States should "turn over the Social Security trust fund to Wall Street." She is simply exaggerating and using prior statements from other past Republicans and using the claim against Republicans in general, even when it was not stated by the running Republican Party this year.

You Say You Want a Revolution...

Nat Turner ( Not related)

In Southhampton county, VA. A rebellious slave name Nat Turner took his "prophetic dreams" and turned them into reality. On August 22, 1831, Nat had rallied 70 armed rebel slaves to join him on a massacre to shift history. Little did he know this killing spree was not going to change the world but bring total chaos for his fellow followers. On that August night, Turner and his followers butchered about 60 whites before they decided to head of to jerusalem. However most of Turners followers believed his murderous plans for Jerusalem were nearly impossible , as they followed him on the task most of them were captured and killed while everyone fled away. Turner managed to make a disappearance from the government for a month before he was capture by a man. He was tried and sentenced to death six days later by the Virginia court. His remains were tossed but some like his skin and head were kept for show and made into a purse.

This act was pure revenge , Turner didn't leave an example of making a difference, he simply led others out into rash killing spree to their captures and masters. Although there should be no light shed on slavery and their masters did terrible things to them, this rebellion proved that they are just a in-human by killing as many white people including children that crossed their paths. If anything their unsuccessful trial did not encourage their fellow slaves, by showing they were caught, killed, and it didn't last or really change anything. I do believe this act did show other slaves that violence was not the way to stop slavery. This reminds me of todays society and how when we use violence it only makes things worse, the only way to make a difference is through thinking outside the box and using our creating and voices to make a change together. Together we are stronger then just a pack.

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Social Media, Now till Then

Social media is such a controversy in society, i personally think its argued from generation to generation. Last year i sat at a dinner table with my Grandpa and his friends, as a notification popped on my phone quickly came a sly comment from my grandpas friend saying " you kids dont know what social media is doing to you". Getting angered quickly i asked him what do you mean? He keep on discussing how we allow social media to take over our lives and how it causes us to lose our education. Instead of letting it go with the elderly party i decided to give my side of the story , to stand up for my generation. I then discussed how i think social media does have its downs but it has far more ups. Like how we can use social media to bring light to certain topics and situations and how we use it to communicate. Social media can be used wrong when immature people get a hold of it , but it also can bring so much awareness and help when we have the access to communicate better then how we used to be able to. We can reach a generation as a whole and be one the same page. This in a way also makes me think of Big Brother and how if majority of people promote and stand for something will others just go along and agree with it because there scared to stand out. Although we've become dependent on it we also allow it to become a weakness. Sometimes i find myself checking my phone every 2 minutes a day!!! I mostly find myself not able to let it leave my hands, isn't that crazy?! I only can imagine in 10 years how social media and electronics will advance and what then will my kids know of? I believe it will be so advanced that they might not even need to physically hold electronics, that it will just be known all around. My only prayer is that in the future they can see the differences, benefits and handicaps. My fear is that they wont know how to deal with what the generations before have known. Now we are dependent on social media and electronics but if its taken away we can cope because it wasn't that long ago when we didn't have it, but will they be able to o the same? Or are they to far…


We are a Textbook. This semester has taught me far more then i could of imagined, and not just with education but really with life lessons and how to be more successful in the real world. We need more of that in todays education programs, sometimes i feel like the school system limits our education by not teaching and preparing us for reality. We end up in this bubble of grade, books, math, and we let those things consume us and we tell ourselves if our Gpa and grades our good then were doing it right. Then when were graduated we become culture shocked with the world because to survive its not longer on books, and what i got in math and if i was “textbook” smart enough. You spend your whole experience knowing creativity will not get you and A, only what you learn in the textbook will. Then when your in the world you start to learn the way to stand out and strive is with that creativity that was suppressed all in high school. This class took on the challenge of teaching us the importance of our capability , i forgot what that was when for so long i practiced what the book says to do and not myself. It was different then all the other lang classed I have taken , there mostly about grammar and spelling, when in this class i have learned about myself and others and how to function with work and others opinions. We often had deep discussions and arguments that showed me im not voiceless but its important not to be ignorant. So thank you, for taking me out of the textbook and putting me back to my rightful place.

Can we "Auto Correct" Humanity?

My fear is that our glue to social medial and electronics is becoming a permanent fixation that is irreversible. I am a victim of this myself, i often find myself checking my phone every twenty seconds, and i would never imagine not having my phone on my body. If i don't have my phone with me i feel like i am missing a piece of me and i cant breathe. I cant even imagine the attachment the new generation will have growing up in this electronic boom. Electronics were created to help us communicate and have fast access to things, but now its all we use and we have forgotten how to function like people used to. I wonder, is that a bad thing? That possibly this tech burst can further humanity in the future. I believe we cant control our attachment with our technology but maybe we can use it to our advantage to further the world. Like instead of using ourself to preform surgery maybe we can advance our technology to have electronic machines and that was we can do two things at once. I dont think we will ever release our grip from technology but i hope we use it to bring good to the world.