Mrs. Horak's Class Newsletter

Volume 3

Hello Families!

It has been a great first month of school! This is a super busy week. Wednesday is an Early Release Day, and Thursday evening is Open House. There is a PTO meeting at 5:45 and then Open House is at 6:00. Come to our classroom and your child will take you on a Scavenger Hunt throughout our room and the whole school!

What We Are Learning

  • Math: We are adding and subtracting with three-digit numbers and are locating these numbers on a 1,000 chart. We are also using what we know about tens and hundreds to figure out how many tens are in these big numbers. Here is a useful website if you are struggling with this "new math":
  • Writing: The students are in the process of revising and editing their "small moment" stories. This involves using an editing checklist and making sure they have correct capitalization and punctuation. Many students are in the midst of peer conferences, in which a partner helps them decide if their story is clear or not, has stayed on topic, or needs additional information or details. The next step in the process is a teacher conference, during which I help them edit their story. Finally, they do a final version, which we call their "published version."
  • Reading: We are working on making inferences when we read. To do that, we use clues from the text we are reading plus our own background knowledge to read between the lines, or make inferences. We are also using context clues to infer the meaning of unknown words. To do that, we often re-read a sentence, look at the other words around it, and see if we can use what we know to figure out the meaning of the word.
  • I do want to let you know that there is a lot of talking in this class when independent work in going on. Quite often, students claim they "can't hear themselves think." I am trying to emphasize that each person needs to be responsible for their own voice, to be mindful of others, and respect their classmates' need for quiet. Please talk about this with your child. Thank you, in advance, for reinforcing this.

I hope to see you on Thursday for Open House, and for conferences beginning next week. If you haven't signed up for one, please let me know and we can work to find a time that works for you.


Mrs. Horak

Important Dates

September 23: Early Release-12:30

September 24: Open House 6:00 p.m. Come to our classroom.

September 25: Ident-A-Kid

Week of September 28-October 6: Fall Conferences

October 1: CoGat Aptitude Screening Test

October 8: Early Release-12:30

October 19-23: Book Fair

October 21: End of the first grading period

October 22: Fall Pictures

October 26-27: No School. Teacher Work Days.