Flipping For Second Languages!

Tools for the mobile classroom

Putting Lessons in Hand

Web based tools for learning provide the means for students to get the jump outside the classroom on what they need to know to make the most out of their in class time.

Whole new meanings for Linking up to Learn!

It has never been easier to Communicate, Collaborate and Create. Selecting the right tools for your students is a top priority. GOOGLE SHARE provides an organized access from anywhere way to make use of whatever tools you decide are best.

Can I Borrow a Pencast?

Overview of Smartpens in K12 Education

How we use Pencasts in Second Languages Classrooms

Top Tool Picks for Sharing!

Excite your students with SMORE Flyers! Engage your students with Bitstrips! Enrich your lessons with LIVESCRIBE SKY Wi Fi!


FOR THE TEACHER- Create recorded class lessons in front of the class using a document camera and seamlessly sync to Google Drive for students to review the lesson at home or following the lesson using personal or school managed personal devices

FOR THE STUDENT- Use pens and Livescribe notebooks to record lessons as they are taught for review later


FOR THE TEACHER - Create an online flyer to jump start a unit and share content in an engaging format. You can include links, embed videos, pencasts, and so much more! Embed the entire Flyer in your student homework tab in School Zone for easy access to all the content you want to share

FOR THE STUDENT - Easy access to all content from virtually anywhere with internet access so that communication can take the centre stage during class time.

From Composition and Creation to Communication

Getting the information you want to share with your students in their hands is as easy as sharing to Google Drive. To share Pencasts, Bitstrips, and Smores with all your students in a class at once use Google Groups or make use of the Homework Tab in Schoolzone. Students who have what they need to know at their fingertips will be able to put what they know to work, sooner.

Ready ! Set! Go!

Now that you have SHARED all this great content your students are well prepared to engage in meaningful in class communicative activities.

Are you ready to Flip your classroom for Second Languages?

Try out great tools like Pencasts, Smores and More.