KRA in MI Team Newsletter

February, 2021

WATCH: Amanda Gorman reads inauguration poem, 'The Hill We Climb'

KRA Updates

The prior care forms are in the process of being updated to include information regarding the pandemic. This information will be shared with ISD KRA leaders as soon as it is completed.

Educator Wellness

Give Yourself the Gift of Affirmation by William Rosa provides a simple handwashing affirmations routine. In a world where we are constantly washing our hands, this may be a great way to center yourself on gratitude and positivity.
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Dear teachers: You've got this.
The video Dear teachers: You've got this is 3:23 min. Trevor Muir, a Michigan educator, provides support for educators across the globe on increasing student engagement and unlocking potential. Check out his website for more content centered on teacher wellness during the pandemic.

Home Connections

St. Clair County RESA created a Student Success Calendar. This K-5 resource is designed to help families promote early literacy by providing strategies and daily activities that help children become proficient readers and writers.
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Social Emotional Learning

Zen Sessions for Kids with Kira Willey: Kindness

Kira Willey shares a mindful moment centered on kindness from her book, Breathe like a Bear. This book provides 30 mindfulness exercises for kids to help with managing their bodies, breath, and emotions. Once learned, these activities can be done anywhere and anytime, equipping children with mindfulness tools for when they face difficult situations.

Bring It Down - Flow | GoNoodle
GoNoodle is a fantastic free resource for educators. It is commonly used between lessons or as a transition in learning to help students engage in movement and mindfulness. Educators have five categories of videos to choose from, one of which is SEL and Mindfulness. These videos focus on boosting confidence, building compassion, enhancing focus, managing stress, and practicing self-control.

Connecting the Domains

Big Beats for Young Peeps is a fun instrumental music resource to use in your classroom. This will definitely raise the energy levels of your classroom! The opportunities are endless. You can play during transitions, let your students dance, or even create their own lyrics.

Cultivating Genius

You may have noticed that the KRAInMI Team has included a read-aloud framework in every newsletter. This is because we strongly believe that our black and brown students should be celebrated every day in our classrooms. The infographic below by the Center on the Developing Child, explains the impact that racism has on our children. One way we can create equity in our classrooms is by ensuring the literature available in our learning communities represents each of our students beautiful diversity. Together, we can make sure students have a space and place that celebrates their beauty and greatness.
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Dr. Gholdy Muhammad shares how to plan read alouds using the Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy Framework. Here is an example of the model using the text, The Undefeated, by Kwame Alexander. Try using this text within this framework with your students, either reading aloud yourself or using the Sankofa Read Aloud, linked below.
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The Undefeated

Professional Learning Opportunities

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Training with MeL Supporting Kindergarten and Pre-K Instruction

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 4-5:30pm

This is an online event.

Check out the session flyer and register here.

Description: The second session will offer educators specific resources as well as opportunities for discussion regarding the next steps as identified in the feedback survey at the end of the first session.

Signing up for a MeL account is free for Michigan educators. Please be sure to sign up for an account prior to the February training.

*Attending the January session is not a prerequisite for this session.

**SCECHs are available if educators participate in both sessions January 7th and February 4th.

Save the Dates!

Please save the date for these statewide KRA implementation training opportunities.

New Data Manager Training Sessions

May 12, 2021: 1-3 pm

Data Manager Refresher Training Sessions

May 13, 2021: 9-11 am or 1-3 pm

August 10, 2021: 9-11 am or 1-3 pm

New Trainers ToT Training

May 17, 2021: 4 -6 pm

May 26, 2021: 4 -6 pm

July 27, 2021: 9-11 am or 1-3 pm

August 11, 2021: 9-11 am or 1-3 pm

Next Steps for Trainers ToT Training

May 18, 2021: 4 -6 pm

May 25, 2021: 9-11 am

July 29, 2021: 9- 11 am or 1-3 pm

August 17, 2021: 9-11 am or 1-3 pm

Teacher Refresher Trainings

August 12, 2021: 9-10 am or 1-2 pm

August 18, 2021: 9-10 am or 1-2 pm

August 19, 2021: 9-10 am or 1-2 pm

August 24, 2021: 9-10 am or 1-2 pm

Connect With Us!

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Melissa Brooks-Yip

KRA/MKEO Supervisor

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KRA/MKEO Facilitator and Data Coach

Regions 4, 7, 8 and 9

Chelsea Chambers

KRA/MKEO Facilitator and Data Coach

Regions 6 and 10

Cindy Brown

KRA/MKEO Facilitator and Data Coach

Regions 1, 2, 3, and 5