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Learning With Mrs.Gaunt

Thanks for finding my newsletter! I look forward to learning with you!

I am.... An Early Childhood Teacher. Technology learner and loving it. Passionate about teaching and seeing children being engaged and in control of their learning.

Back to School With Technology

Welcome back to school teachers! As you get your year going, please don't hesitate to contact me for help in integrating technology into your classroom. Our Nance Innovation Station is ready as well. I would love to meet you down there and be an extra set of hands.

Hope you find some useful things in my first Learning with Mrs.Gaunt Newsletter!

Ipad and Internet Safety Videos

Classroom Teachers,

Remember to show the safety videos to your classes.These are required by Federal Regulation so you will also need to fill out the form under day 3 when you have shown the videos. New Teachers, We are required to show these videos to our students every year.

International Dot Day is September 15!

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Click here for my google doc with activites!

International Dot Day is September 15th! Here is link to my Google doc for activities to use on Dot Day.

Join us for Our first Tech Tuesday of the School Year!

Come learn about the many different fun and engaging ways to use Twitter in Education.
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Get connected on Twitter!

Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 3:30pm

Nance Elementary School in Mrs.Gaunt's classroom.

Come and get connected on Twitter. Start using Twitter to showcase your students!
You Can Book Me

If you would like me to come to your room and help with your tech integration or you would like me to come and help during your planning, click here!