Where the red fern grows.

Alanna Roberts 2nd period

About the Author

Wilson Rawls was born in September 24, 1913. Wilson Rawls lived for 71 years and died in December 16, 1984. Two of his most famous books are where the red fern grows and summer of the monkeys. He grew up in the Ozark Mountains

Why I love this book

The reason i recommend this book to my friends is because its really heart warming and will make you cry. Last year my teacher read this book to me and I absolutely fell in love with it. At the beginning there is a little boy and his family that live in the ozarks the little boy has wanted dogs. The problem is that the family has no money so the boy saves up money for two whole years. In the middle theres a little twist there is a death. At the end is when it gets sad and it will make you cry.