Finn's Mars

Mars is a planet in our solar system.


Mars' core is made out of nickel and iron. Mars is made out of rock and dirt.It has a mantle made of liquid rock.


Mars has a surface full of red rocks, ice caps, red dirt and voIcanoes.It also has high mountains and deep canyons


Mars gravity is too weak to support a thick atmosphere. Mars' weak gravity keeps the atmosphere thin. Mars' atmosphere is a layer of carbon dioxide gas. This is poisonous to people.

Some pictures of Mars

Size and Gravity

Mars is smaller than Earth. Mars has weaker gravity than Earth because it is smaller. If you weigh 32 kilograms on Earth, you would weigh 8 kilograms on Mars.


Mars has a maximum temperature of 36 degrees celsius. Mars has a minimum temperature of -123 degrees celsius.

Mars is called the RED PLANET


1 year on Mars equals 686 Earth days.
1 day equals 24 Earth hours and 36 minutes