The Windrixville Weekly

November 20 1965

Deadly Flames And A Saving Grace By Lakyn Richard

Earlier this week there was a raging fire a blaze on the old church atop of Jay Mountain. The church had five young children trapped inside of its deadly grasp. "We were on a school picnic when the fire broke out" says school teacher Jerry Wood "If it weren't for those to brave young men those kids would have died." The young men Mr.Wood is speaking of are Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade. The their successful attempt to save the children, Johnny Cade had been hit by a flaming rafter that had fallen on his back, As for Ponyboy Curtis he escaped with minor burns and bruising to his back. Now all that is left of the church is ashes, thankfully none of them are human.
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Sports By Alex Stogdill

The Astrodome

Houston, Texas there is a new baseball stadium. The home team to the Astrodome stadium is the Houston Astrodomes. The Astrodome is also home to the Houston Oilers. The Houston Oilers are a (AFL) team, American Football League. The Houston Astrodomes are apart of the (MLB) Major League Baseball.

Red Wings .V.S. Bruins

November, 4, 1965 The Detroit Red Wings destroyed the Boston Bruins 8 to one. For all of those Detroit fans GIVE YOUR TEAM A ROUND OF APPLAUSE! And for all of those Boston fans tell your team to get to work and that they will beat them next time.

Brigham .V.S. Arizona

November, 20, 1965 at the Hogan Field Phoenix Arizona at home.

At the Hogan Field in Phoenix Arizona everyone is surprised about the loss to the Brigham Young. The ending score of the game was 20 to 3.

Obituaries By Patrick McHugh

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Bob Sheldon

Bob Sheldon passed away on November 20th at 2:45 am at the park on the east side. He was out with his friend Randy Anderson when they got in a fight with some greasers in the park. One of them stabbed Bob and he died. The criminals are currently being searched for see wanted section. Bob will live on in the hearts of his parents Trixie and Dave Sheldon

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Chris Jones

Chris Jones passed away on November 19 3:20 pm. He was sitting in his home when he was suddenly struck by a heart attack friends later came to his home and found him dead on the couch. He was a great contributor to the community and will be sorely missed.

Comics By Anthony Bobzine

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Troubled Children? By Patrick McHugh

Do you feel like your family is unstable or violent? Follow these 3 easy steps to have a healthy family. 1st talk with your son/daughter. Many children feel like they don’t receive enough attention and they may resort to violent behavior. Don’t let this happen, put down times where each child gets his own time to talk. 2nd Eat dinner as a family, this will encourage others to talk about their day and any problems they may have. 3rd Discipline them, don’t let your teenager walk back into the house at 3 in the morning while drunk show you care by setting some rules soon they will behave themselves.
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Help Wanted By Lakyn Richard

In need of a smart sweet talking gal for a the position of a lawyer's secretary. Filing paperwork, answering calls and getting coffee are a few of the task that will be asked of you. Your salary will be $4 an hour. Working five days a week. For more information call 405-494-4632
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Crime Report By Caitlin Weber


Johnny Cade (16) and Ponyboy Curtis (14) are wanted for the murder of Bob Sheldon (18). Both boys were last seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the 15th of November. According to witnesses, these boys are armed with a blade and dangerous. Ponyboy Curtis is caucasian with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Johnny Cade is dark-skinned with brown eyes and a large scar on the side of his face. They are suspected to be heading towards Texas to hide. If you know anything about the whereabouts of these criminals contact the police immediately.

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Weather By Caitlin Weber

Weekly Report

Hello Windrixville! Today the conditions will be pretty chilly at an average of 54 degrees fahrenheit. The low today will be 45 degrees and the high will top out around mere 60. Not much precipitation today, just a little fog and a slight chance of some drizzle. Over the next week the temperatures will be about the same, fluctuating only slightly. The week forecast is as follows:

Sunday- Low: 54/High: 60

Monday- Low: 42/High: 72

Tuesday- Low: 39/High: 64

Wednesday- Low: 60/High: 78

Thursday- Low: 42/High: 80

Friday- Low: 63/High: 79

Saturday- Low: 61/High: 30