What exactly is a graph?

By: Lakota Navada Lynn Fulton

What is a graph?

Graphs are used to tell amounts. These amounts are called data. There is many types of graphs, each having special parts.Circle graph- A circle graph is shaped like a circle. It is divided into fractions that look like pieces of pie, sometimes this graph is called a pie graph. Many times the fractional parts are different colors and the key explains the colors.Bar graph- A bar graph uses bars to show data. The bars can be vertical (up and down) or horizontal (side to side). The data can be in words or numbers.Picture graph- A picture graph uses pictures or symbols to represent data. One picture ofton stands for more than one vote. So a key is nessecery to help understand data.Histagram- A histagram is a special kind of bar graph. The data must be shown in order.Line graph- A line graph shows points plotted on a graph. The points are then connected to form a line.

The different types of graphs...

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