An great artist that has made humans look at art differently

About Michelangelo

Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 in Caprese, Italy. He was part of a large family history line and a large family in general. As he got into education and school, he was taught banking and investing. But, he skipped his classes because he was not interested in his classes and instead visited the city galleries and churches to study the artwork that layed upon them. As he got older, he moved out from his family and worked with other builders to help build Duomo, Italy. This is where he spent most of his life. Here is where he started to create his art pieces: illusions, pictures, and architecture. He created the art piece,"Modonna of the stairs." His 3 main patrons for this were Girdamo Savondrola, Medici Causin, and Raffiel Riario.

The two "isms" that are most likely linked to this person

The two "isms" that mare most likely linked to this person are Humanism and Individualism. He is linked to humanism most likely because he created art with a passion like it will affect his health or how he even lives. He is also linked to Individualism because he doesn't focus on anyone else. All he cares about is his artwork and himself.

The Denial of Saint Peter Carauaggio

Year it was created: 1571 - 1610

Where it is located: Metro Museum of Art

What it could be about: A knight trying to take away the daughter of the father, and so they are arguing.

The significance that this piece could have: The picture looks like it could have a huge story behind it due to the looks of the argument in the piece. It could be the tragedy of a family member and something has to be done or changed, or it could be for no reason(AKA: something that doesn't need to be agued about)