Smore Presentation

How to use Smore to create flyers

How To Make An Account

Click Try It Now button, then put in sign up info, last now that you have created an account click make a new flyer button and voila.

How To Make A Good Flyer

Click on any empty box to edit the text inside it. You should put your intro in the first box. Once finished typing, you can use the edit bar on the right to change how your text appears under fonts.

Add Pictures

Now that you've filled all the boxes with text of your choosing go ahead and go back and add pictures relating to the text to help make the flyer more appealing to the eye. The pictures also help the reader feel more interested.

How To Publish

Now your almost done, just go back and add a background, Contact info, and where the presentation will take place. Once done with that just scroll up to the top and click the Done Editing button.