LibCamp: METALITERACY! #libcampRU

Participant-driven! No spectators allowed!

Join us for a morning of conversation and learning:

Friday, Aug. 21st, 8:30am-12pm @ Alexander Library

Academic, school and public librarians and LIS/MI students are invited to engage in conversations around:
  • How does the new ACRL Framework inform teaching and learning?
  • How can we effectively implement instruction to support literacies of all sorts?
  • How can school libraries support the transition to higher education?
  • How can public libraries get more familiar with the new Framework and support the work of college learners?
  • What does effective practice in metaliteracy instruction look like?
  • Which instructional tools, apps, strategies can support teaching and learning relating to the Framework?
  • What keeps you up at night?

Themes we hope to explore:

Instructional approaches
Assessment strategies
Learning outcomes
Instructional technologies
New literacies
High school to college leap

What is a LibCamp?

A LibCamp (or edcamp) follows the protocols and norms of the unconference or open space conference movement.
No keynotes! No panels!
The focus is on informal peer-to-peer learning, PLN building, and sharing! If a conversation has no relevance for you, apply the rule of two feet. Simply, move on.
Want more unconference background?

Help us get ready!

Add a slide (or slides) to our Smackdown Google Doc.
Think of conversations you'd like to lead. Add your suggestions to this Padlet!


8:30 Networking, coffee and conversation brainstorming
8:45 Welcome from Leslin and overview from Joyce
9:00 Stinks/rocks debates
9:30 Session 1
10:00 Session 2
10:30 Session 3
11:00 Smackdown! (
11:45 Takeaways and reflection
EdCamp 101
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On your sticky notes, you can share:

I want to discuss . .
I want to know more about . .
I can lead a conversation about . .
I have a great idea and I like to share it as an incubator
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Join us @ Alexander Library, Rutgers University

Friday, Aug. 21st, 8:30am-12pm

Alexander Library, 4th Floor SCC, College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

For more information contact:
Leslin Charles, Instructional Design Librarian:
Joyce Valenza, Director MI Program:

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