Stitch Chronicles

Breaking news: Teen boy found dead in a park

Yesterday morning Bob Sheldon was found dead in a nearby park. Investigators told us that he had a big stab wound believed to be from a switchblade. Soon after the body was found a few of Bob's close friends that wish to be unknown told local authorities that they were with Bob the night of the murder and told us that two greasers tried attacking them and one of them had a switchblade and stabbed bob and killed him. They gave descriptions to the authorities and wanted pictures are being sent out the public for their arrest. Their descriptions are in the upper right corner.

Old church burned down in terrible fire

This week another tragic fire occurred on a old abandoned church. A mysterious fire occurred this week at the top of a hill. Children were in the church when the fire occurred but luckily no children were killed in the fire. Three brave and mysterious boys had jumped in the burning church to help save the children and are true heros. Sadly the two boys and another young man were rushed to the hospital with injuries and one boy with very serious injuries. The picture above shows the church up in flames.