Great food is a winning recipe

Great food is a winning recipe

Great food is a winning recipe for great conversations and memories

Throwing a private party, organizing a memorable event or making arrangements for your wedding day? Everyone tends to plan months & months before the big day finally arrives! Why? Of course to ensure everything runs smoothly for the finalized date! But ever wondered about the things that can ruin your event? A wrong caterer for sure!

How can you make an event memorable? Start by picking the best caterer in town! The location & decoration are essential for your event… agreed! But they say, a way to people’s heart is through their stomach! Finding the right catering company today has become crucial for making your event, party or occasion a super duper hit!

The best caterer does not only prepare a stunning menu with palatable dishes for your guests but also takes care of the presentation of food, right cutlery, table linen, and other additional equipment or services. His/her ultimate goal is to arrange everything so perfectly that everyone has the most impeccable dining experience ever!

If you’re the host for the event, you must have a peaceful & calm experience to let everything fall into the right place. Get the right caterer for your event & spoil yourself for delicious food, entertainment & perfection.
Here are some fabulous tips to help you host the perfect event:

#Referrals from your family & friends; & research
The first step towards choosing the correct event caterer is listening to good recommendations from the people you trust. Listen to their past experiences with some of the caterers and select some of them!
Make a list of some of the satisfactory caterers to reach the top caterer in your city. Also, don’t forget to read customer reviews about your selected caterers online.

#Request a Kitchen Visit
Before you hop on finalizing your catering service, you must make an appointment with some of the caterers to pay a visit to their kitchens. This small visit will be the determination of the level of professionalism of the staff and cleanliness in their premises. This will reflect on how your event will unfold if you choose one or the other!
You must weed out caterers who have unorganized kitchens & inattentive staff members!

#Schedule a sample food taste test
Meet the chefs of the chosen catering companies to have mouthful bites of some dishes on their current menu. This will help you to check the food quality & know what taste & flavor they can deliver! If you think the food is delicious, but you want slight variations in the ingredients, you can convey it directly to the chef in charge!
Remember, take someone with you to have a good opinion about their cuisines, and jot down the items you liked & disliked.

#Menu Specialties of the Caterers
Done with your sample food taste testing? By this time, you must be ready with your menu options. However, it’s time to add some more to it! Ask your caterers about their food specialties and whether they can customize their menu for your event type.
Be sure to check if they can accommodate for various diets & tastes! If you are not satisfied with the menu, you can contact your second choice to consider the same points!

#Discuss your budget
Mostly, the catering companies charge high prices for top-quality food and services. For example, if you are choosing a wedding caterer , the expense of the great food will be almost half the cost of your entire wedding. Don’t go for a caterer with low prices or even high prices (if you have a tight budget); the best is to go for standard prices! Negotiate a little if you can!

Set your budget! Ultimately, the cost of the catering service plays a vital role in decision making! Request the caterer to give you a quote that includes everything from event rentals to set up, specialty food dishes in the menu & service staff considerations.
Don’t settle your party, event or wedding for anything less than mouthwatering cuisine because great food is a winning recipe for great conversations and memories! Make the most of your event with the right Vancouver caterer.

Lastly, there are no hard & fast rules, simply follow your instincts & choose the caterer that is passionate about planning your event & cooking for you! Let the best caterer pitch in your party to handle great recipes & tickle everyone’s taste buds! Relax & enjoy!