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What is...

A Plaintiff: The plaintiff is the person or group that brings the case into court against another person or group.

A Defendant: The defendant is the accused group or person.

Complaint: This is a legal document that outlines the facts or the case and the legal reasons that the case should be in court.

Summons: A legal document that orders a person's appearance in court.

Pleading: Each side of the case will formally submit their claims and defenses.

A Pretrial Conference: This is a short meeting in which the judge will inform all members of what steps are necessary before the trial takes place.

Mediation: This is when a third party will assist the two parties in negotiating the situation out to the final settlement.

Arbitration: This is similar to mediation, except for the fact that both parties agree to be bound by the decision made by the arbitrator.

A Trial: This is where a judge, and often times a jury, will examine the evidence of a case to determine guilt.

Preponderance of Evidence: This is really just a fancy way of saying, it's the plaintiff's job to provide enough proof for their case.

Verdict: This is the judge's, or jury's, decision on the case.

Appeal: An appeal is what can take place if you feel like some things were done incorrectly in your original trial. This can be requested if you would like a higher court to reverse the previous decision by the lower court.