Connecting to the Constitution

Lydia Perez, Chandler O'Hara, Tyler Wettstein, Jay Flores.

Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Indepence was largely a work by Thomas Jefferson. He was able to influence the development of the Federal Government, Popular Sovereignty, Limited Governmental Power, Seperation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and Judicial Review.
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Baron de Montesquieu

Montesquieu believed political freedom could be created by seperating political powers into different branches. He also developed the political theory of checks and balances.

Thomas Jefferson and Montesquieu

Both of these philosophers influenced the creation of the constitution by supporting seperation of powers and the political theory of checks and balances.

Natural Law

The idea that every person has or should have equal rights, no matter what the circumstances are. Natural law ties back into the Contititution because Thomas Jefferson and Montesquieu believed that every person should have the same rights and should not be controlled by the central government.