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( Cyberspace Law)


Information obtained- Owning your own practice is a matter of passion and determination. I truly felt that Mr. Fellows loves what he does. I also learned that there are some crazy things that can go on in the courthouse even though it's not all that common. Being an attorney is hard work and there's a lot of emotion that goes into it as well as facts, and logic based upon the law.

Cyberspace Law / "The Rainmaker" Analysis


Basic law- lawyers have an obligation to represent clients in court cases, conduct research and analysis of legal problems, Interpret law, rulings, and regulations for individuals and business.

Annual salary based on the median of the business : $95,250 per year with compensation and benefits.

Degree needed: graduate of any 4 year college, graduate of law school, they must pass the state bar exam, unless their are given exceptions at certain law firms that reside in Wisconsin. They also must pass a national legal ethics exam and then they can receive a license to practice law.

Movie Analysis- trial procedures are very lengthy and take a lot of time to process and take place. Many objections and wrongful passage of law can be made during trial.

Spousal abuse can be very easy to prove, and very hard to prove upon defense charges.

Homocide is very touchy because it determines another persons life, but that is also a very touchy type of case to deal with.

Cyberspace Law- describes legal issues related to the use of inter-networked information technology and, namely millions of computers linked together. Business can be conducted from different states and nations that can bring transactions into the mix, this leaves chances for others to steal funded money, or commit identity theft. Other specific cases that they can handle also include, bullying, deception, Terrorism threats, Bias intimidation, theft services, trafficking in computer access, wrongful access,extortion threats, sexual exploitation of children, and stalking .