Ipod and Globalization


Definition: the process of philosophies or ideas spreading throughout the world or the process of making it happen

4 types of globalization:

Human Environment- the interactions of humans with the environment that ship and transport things such as oil which may be burned potentially causing pollution which affects the environment

Technology- business methods and strategies are mostly used with computers and phones nowadays

Economic- increase of economy across the world and increased goods, services, money, and technology

Cultural- change of ideas, religion, meanings, way of doing things, and values across national borders

Problems with Globalization and China

Human Environment- A problem with China is that it is very overpopulated and crowded and needs to spread out more throughout the country

Relationship with Globalization

Globalization affects my life in a major way. It determines many things that involve everyone in this world. Globalization involves ideas which could be a political idea for example. It could affect your life and change it in many ways. It could work out well and bad in many possible ways. Decisions by people can determine what happens in your life, where you go in life, and much more. Globalization can decide where you live because it influences where you live and the conditions you live in.