Hall Elementary Teacher Newsletter

April 27, 2015

Upcoming Events

April 20-April 30- ACT Aspire Testing

April 22- Cap & Gown Pictures

April 23- Parent Meeting

April 24- USA Tier II & III (last day)

April 30 - USA Student Teachers (last day)

April 30- PST

May 1 - Cap & Gown Pictures



The custodians want for you to be aware that there is sand coming in on students' shoes after PE and the sand is getting stuck in sticky floors caused by fruit and juice spills at breakfast. Mr. Kelvin is begging that you try to have less spills! All of the work that they have put into waxing the floors is wasted if the floors are covered in sticky, sandy mess!


We are almost finished with Aspire testing! I want to commend you and your students for all of the hard work and patience! Proctors report that all of the test sessions were filled with focused students. I couldn't ask for anything more than everyone trying their very best. We will resume normal operations soon!


Weekly Professional Development

Have a wonderful week!

View Dr. Daggett's video on Relevance and reflect on your current understanding of the topic. How do you think that you are currently implementing relevant lessons and what do you think that we can do as a school to begin to increase our focus on relevance.
Dr. Daggett: "Relevance makes rigor possible" (7)