WMMS Weekly Reminders

September 19-23

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Chromebooks & Hapara

Students who have not completed the initial CB usage process need to begin the following process on Monday. ( 1st & 7th Period teachers- You will have to help the students remember what to do for the next few days)

1. EVERY morning before 1st period- Student needs to go to Library and go through the check-out process with Mrs. Fowler.

2. Student will be allowed to use the CB assigned to him/her while at school.

3. During 7th period the student will need to be given a hall pass to go and return the CB to the Library. (YOU the 7th period teacher will also be responsible for having student return the CB to the Library.) If you assign hw on the CB you will need to have a plan B for these students to complete on paper and given the same credit.

Thank you!!

*Hapara has been purchased thanks to the TRINITY CITY COUNCIL and Mayor Vaughn Goodwin!!!! This is a process and there are somethings that have to taken care of on the business end, and administrative end before we start using this management series.

* Mrs. Fowler & Mrs. Clinton are working hard every day and are trying to create new lessons to help teachers and students use the Chromebooks.

*I do plan to conduct Chromebook meetings with 7th period classes in about 3/4 weeks. I am trying to wait for the following: Hapara working, student issues ( Hacking, not charged, losing CBS, not doing what supposed too, etc. If you think of issues you are experiencing please let me know. I do plan on including all teachers and students in this grand adventure of learning and improving!!

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Friendly Weekly Updates

-Teachers may either plan to dress up for the homecoming days or wear WM shirts this week.

-Community Tailgate is this Thursday. More information will be sent out next week.

-7th & 8th grade students may and are advised to carry Chromebooks in backpacks or cases throughout the school day. Also, students should not be using CB's in the lunchroom (Breakfast or lunch), Hallways, or gyms.

-RTI- If you have a student who is on Tier I or II in RTI, Mrs. Kim Terry has discussed that you are to get a documentation sheet from me ASAP. Please do this before Thursday. The next RTI meeting will be September 29. Be prepared for more information to be sent out and in FM notes.

-It is time to start planning for Department Meetings for this month. Be on the look out for more information on this topic. (We will start planning for October, since Eng./Math both met in late August 8/29).

-Students should not be in the hall without a hall pass during class. Too many students are having to go back to his/her locker to get forgotten items during class.

-We have 7 students who have not completed the CB process. Please read the CB process for what these students should start following on Monday.

-Thank you all for the input on Exams. I would like to have face to face discussions as well. If you would be willing to have a discussion about exams and help develop the process we will use, please let me know. (Exams will only pertain to grades 6-8)

-Don't forget to turn in your Lesson Plans weekly!!

-Mrs. Henson has the schedule for Dress-up days. I am hopeful that a schedule for dress-up days will be sent to everyone in an email or on announcements as well.

Have a Great West Morgan Week!!!

Are you a plus 2 teacher or a minus 18 ? -Rita Pierson

YOU are a HERO!!! Teaching is your SUPERPOWER!!!!

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