Where i want to go

Our trip to Cali

I have been wanting to go to Cali for a long time. i plan on learning how to surf and i think people should come because it could be a very good getaway from their problems or it be a good vacation.

Me and my boyfriend plan on flying there and then getting a rental car.

My Graduating trip

Friday, May 16th, 6:45am

California, United States



9:00 A.M. go to the beach

11:00 A.. go eat lunch

2:00 P.M.go see a movie

4:00 P.M.go relax in the pool

7:00 P.M. lay in bed

8:30 P.M sleep

living there or just a trip?

For right now we are just going to be taking a trip there. we plan on flying there the plane ticket will cost around almost $500 for 2 of us to fly there. That is not to bad. its been my dream to live here but i don't know if i could leave my mom this far.


Its always been a dream of mine to go there. I don't know why i think its because i love the beach and sun and its really nice there, and really beautiful!!!