Erik's Choices From Tangerine

Created By: Dylan Brock

1. pg. 211 "Erik opened his eyes wide in a mock of terror. He turned to Arthur and said ," We may have a situation here, Bauer." The others in the group seemed amused.- Erik was pretty much telling Arthur to go get the blackjack. This decision affected Paul by making him more scared of Erik, and Arthur because of how violent and vicious they are. Also he was, so scared that Paul did not tell his parents because he was not sure what Erik and Arthur would do to him if he did.

2. pg. 263-264 "You're going to have to pay for what you did. I turned around and saw Vincent Castor. He was holding a can of spray paint. Then I felt Erik grab me from behind, easily pinning both of my arms with just one his. I could hear my voice crying, " I didn't tell! I didn't tell! And I remembered Erik's fingers prying my eyelids open while Vincent Castor sprayed white paint into them.- This affected Paul by making his parents lie to him for a long time of his life and he had always knew that the staring at the solar eclipse story was not the true story. That is also why Paul seems to hate Erik because he knew he was bad.

3. pg. 205-206 "Immediately, faster than I thought he could, faster than Tino thought he could, Erik lashed out, smashing him so hard that Tino spun halfway around in the air and landed on the grass. It was not hatred, or even anger. It was more like sorrow. Or fear. He gave me that look then he spun around and left." When Paul witnessed this event he had now had more knowledge of how vicious Erik can be, and now he was more scared of Erik and Arthur. Paul was also not sure if he should of told his dad or not but he didn't because he was scared.

4. pg. 30 "There was Arthur Bauer, the guy Erik had over to the house yesterday." When Erik, and Arthur became friends it had really affected Paul because when he was in Houston Erik had a another friend that was a bad friend too just like Arthur. So when Erik and Arthur have been hurting his friends it makes him scared of them and mad at the same time.