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Campus Mission

The mission of Giesinger Elementary is to ensure high levels of learning to facilitate continuous growth of the whole child.

Giesinger Family,

This newsletter contains important information specific to our campus that will help clarify and explain common procedures for our routines and schedules.

  • The order of the contents you will find are:
  • School Hours
  • Master Schedule
  • Safety & Security
  • Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
  • Additional Parking Info
  • Early Checkout
  • Changes in Transportation
  • Register for Bus Transportation
  • Student Dress Code
  • Report Cards & Grading Periods
  • School Clinic
  • Personal Items
  • Attendance
  • School Meal Program
  • Parties & Holidays
  • Field Trips
  • Library Information

We are looking forward to an amazing school year. Eagles Soar to Excellence in all we do!


Amy Barber

Giesinger Elementary Principal

School Hours

School begins promptly at 8:00 am and dismisses at 3:10.

  • Students should arrive at school between 7:30 and 8:00 am.

  • Breakfast is served from 7:30 am to 7:55 am.

  • Students are marked tardy for the school day after 8:00 am and absent after 9:00 am.

  • Our campus-wide intervention/enrichment time begins at 8:00 am. Please make arrangements for your child to arrive on time each day so that they do not miss this important instructional time.

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Safety & Security

All visitors are to sign in and out at the front office and present a valid ID. Our security system will track all visitors, students, faculty, and volunteers at our school. It also has the ability to provide alerts on individuals who may jeopardize the safety of the campus.

Once registered, visitors must wear a visitors tag that will include the visitor's name, designated date, and purpose of the visit. Badges/tags should be visible at all times to staff and students.

Arrival Procedures

Walker/Car Riders will arrive through the main entrance at the front of our school. For the safe flow of traffic, it is imperative that entering vehicles form one line. Students must exit the car on right side. Front porch staff/safety patrol will be present to assist in getting out of the car.

After the first week of school, only students and staff are allowed to enter the hallways of our campus during arrival.

Bus riders/Daycare will arrive through the cafeteria/gym entrance along the bus ramp at the back of our school.

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Dismissal Procedures Bike/Walkers

We love our community and are proud to have such a large population of students that walk with their friends and families both to and from school. Please follow the guidelines for walker dismissal to help us keep both our students and community safe.

Walkers are dismissed from the side gate along White Oak Blvd. Parents picking up their students as walkers should have a dismissal sign with the child's name that they are picking up unless permission has been given to be a lone walker.

Cars/golf carts should NOT park along White Oak Blvd at any time during dismissal. This creates very dangerous dismissal conditions for our lone walker students as well as jeopardizes the flow of our car rider and bus procedures. If families choose to pick-up students using a car/golf cart, they should come through the car rider line to receive their students and NOT use the walker exit for dismissal.

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Dismissal for Car Riders

Car riders will be dismissed out of the front of the school. We are proud of the system in place to help dismiss our students safely and efficiently. Remain in your car and wait for a staff member or safety patrol to assist your child. Do not motion for your child to come to you. A dismissal sign will be provided by the school and must be visible in the car’s front window each day. If you do not have a sign, please obtain one before entering the car rider line. A valid ID of a parent/guardian on the student's contact list must be presented when picking up a student without a dismissal sign.

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Additional Parking at Conroe Church of Christ

Additional parking is provided by the Conroe Church of Christ parking lot along Longmire that directly connects to our staff parking lot. Please park there for all school events including arrival and dismissal if parking is not available otherwise. A safe walking path has been created to be able to use this additional space.
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Dismissal for Bus/Daycare

Bus riders

Pre-K and KG students must be released to a parent or guardian at the bus stop. Families will be provided a yellow bus card to present at the time of the stop and should be visible to the bus driver. If no one is there to receive the student they will be returned to the school. It is the responsibility of the parent to pick up the student(s) from the school. If a parent/guardian is not at the stop to receive their child on several occasions, a bus referral will be written, and bus riding privileges may be discontinued.

Daycare will dismiss through the cafeteria/gym exit along the bus ramp at the back of our school. If your child is absent or not riding day care transportation, please notify the day care of the change. Day care drivers along with our staff must account for all children before leaving the school.

Early Checkout

When checking out students, parents/guardians must present a valid ID as well as be listed on the child's record as an approved contact. If you need to make changes to this information at any time, contact our registrar.

All checkout procedures will be addressed through the front office only. Parents/visitors are not allowed to go to their child's classroom to pick up students. Students will be sent to the front office once notified by front office staff.

There will be no early checkout after 2:30 pm due to dismissal procedures.

Changes in Transportation

Any time a student’s designated transportation is to be different, the parent must write a note to the teacher and/or send an email to giesinger@conroeisd.net by 2:00 p.m. the day of the change.

Transportation changes must be in writing and emails will be accepted only from email addresses on the student's file.

Request for Bus Transportation

Students must be currently enrolled and live more than 1 mile from the school they are zoned to attend to be eligible for bus transportation.

If you did not register for transportation during your child's initial school registration, you can register for transportation online by going to the CISD transportation website. You will need your child's student ID number and date of birth to complete the process. It may take up to 5 business days to process depending on the volume of request. Once in effect, you can find your child's new route by clicking the "Find Bus Route" Link on the transportation website.
Look for the tag! Pre-K and KG students must be released to a parent or guardian at the bus stop. Parents should come to the bus loading door to receive their child with their bus tag with their child's name visible to the bus driver. Students may be released to someone besides the parent or guardian if the Transportation Department has a Supervision Waiver Form on file. This is found on the transportation website.

Pre-K and KG students will be returned to the school for the parent/guardian to pick up if there is not an adult at the stop to meet them.

Students must follow the code of conduct when riding the school bus at all times. Failure to do so could result in a loss of bus riding privileges.

Student Dress Code

Dress codes are established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruptions, minimize safety hazards, and to maintain a positive learning environment.

Giesinger Elementary prohibits pictures, emblems, or writings on clothing that are any of the following: lewd, violent, suggestive, offensive, vulgar or obscene, or advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other inappropriate substance.

Halter-tops, muscle shirts, and spaghetti-straps are not permitted unless covered by another shirt. Midriff shirts, or shirts exposing the midsection of the body, are not permitted.

Hair and hairstyle cannot create a distraction.

Pants/shorts may not be worn lower than undergarments.

Students who wear shorts, dresses, or skirts to school must wear them at fingertip length when the student rests his/her arms at their side.

Flip flops may not be worn during PE classes (tennis shoes are recommended during these days). Shorts may be worn under dresses.

Fridays are “Spirit Days”. Students and staff are encouraged to wear Giesinger/Cryar/Peet/Conroe High School shirts on these days.

Please write your child’s name on all personal belongings your child wears or brings to school.

If administration determines that a student's grooming or clothing violates the school's dress code, parents will be contacted and the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school and return to the classroom. If the problem cannot be corrected at school, the school will work with the student/parent to obtain an acceptable solution for the student in a way that minimizes the loss of instructional time.

Report Cards & Grading Periods

Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade students are graded using a standard based report card.
Students in grades 2-4 receive numerical grades in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

Report cards will be sent home the Tuesday following the end of each nine-week grading period.

A progress report will be sent to all parents at the 4 ½ week period.

Students must be in attendance 90% of the total instructional days enrolled per year. Grading Guidelines will be provided by each teacher at Parent Information Night on September 1, 2022.

School Clinic

Giesinger Elementary has trained personnel to care for students. Mrs. Corbit, our nurse, is a registered nurse, and has a clinic assistant trained in CPR and first aid.

An electronic Student Health Form should be completed by the parent or guardian for each child at the beginning of the school year or upon registration. Any information regarding a student's health condition or any health concerns should be documented on this form and communicated to the clinic staff.

When your child is sick, please contact the school to let them know. It is important to remember that schools must exclude students with certain illnesses or communicable diseases or infections for periods of time as identified in state rules. For example, if your child has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, he or she must stay out of school until they are fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications.

Contact our clinic staff if you have questions or are concerned about whether or not your child should stay home.

When possible, parents are encouraged to administer medication at home before and/or after school. Any medication that will be administered at school must be brought to school and picked up by parent or designated adult.

To administer prescription or non-prescription medication at school, the school must receive a written and dated request from the parent or legal guardian. The medication must be in the original container and properly labeled.

Please refer to the CISD Student Handbook for more information and requirements relating to medicine at school.

Personal Items & Electronic Devices

Items forgotten by your child should be delivered to the front office, labeled with your child’s name and teacher’s name. We will deliver articles to the classroom. Item's without a name will be placed in the lost and found for a short time before being donated to local charities.

Please write your child’s name on all sweaters, coats, backpacks, water bottles, lunch kits, etc.

Giesinger Elementary permits students to possess personal cell phones/electronic devices for safety purposes. These devices must remain turned off and stored in the student's backpack during the instructional day. The use of any device (including smart watches) that has the capability to take pictures or audio/video record is prohibited in restroom areas and if used to cheat, audio/video record, or photograph another student or staff member without that person's permission or, when the use creates a disruption. Electronic devices that are used inappropriately will be collected and parents will be contacted to pick up the item(s).


When your child is absent, call/email their homeroom teacher and the school registrar, Robin Rickwalt at rrickwalt@conroeisd.net. 936- 709-2610.

Following a school absence, a note/email and a doctor's note (when appropriate) should be sent by the parent/guardian explaining the absence in order to be documented on the students attendance record.

Attendance is officially recorded at 9:00 am each day. If possible, routine medical appointments should be scheduled before or after this time period. A child enrolled in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten is subject to compulsory attendance laws and policies. Please plan to take family vacations during school holidays or long weekends. It is important that children remain in school until the close of each school day at 3:10 p.m. unless illness has caused a child to leave earlier.

School Meal Program

The Federal program providing free lunch for all students has ended. Families can apply online for free and reduced meals at www.myschoolapps.com. The free and reduced meal program is more than a meal application. It also assists in P-EBT, AP tests, College application fees, most sports, school funding, internet access, and school meals. Conroe ISD families can complete an online meal application at any time throughout the school year.

2022-2023 meal prices are below:

  • Student Breakfast- $2.00
  • Student Reduced Breakfast- $30¢
  • Non-student/2nd student breakfast- $3.00

  • Student Lunch- $3.20
  • Student Reduced Lunch- 40¢
  • Non-student/2nd student lunch- $4.20

Nutritionally balanced meals are available every day for students.

Parents are encouraged to prepay for their child's meals at www.myschoolbucks.com.

Cash needs to be sent or taken to the school in a sealed envelope with your child's name and student ID number.

Check prepayments must be made payable to the CISD Child Nutrition Department and have a valid driver's license number and date of birth. (Temporary checks and counter checks will not be accepted).

For more information about menus, meal prices, and free and reduced meal applications, please visit the Child Nutrition Website or contact our school cafeteria manager at 936-709-2685.

Parties and Holidays

School celebrations and holiday parties will take place during the school year, which are pre-approved by administration. Due to allergy, safety, and sanitation issues, any food items served during the school day must be store bought items and served using food safe gloves. If you do not want your student to consume these food items, please notify your child's teacher.

Our PTO and room parents will be in communication with more details pertaining to school celebrations.

Students with allergy or dietary restrictions will be given the opportunity to bring or be provided an alternative safe food item and be included in the celebration.

Birthday treats must be served after lunch in a designated area. Please make arrangements with your child's homeroom teacher prior to sending birthday treats.

Please do not send birthday invitations to school to hand out unless you are able to invite every student in the homeroom class. If you are not able to invite all homeroom students, invitations should be distributed outside of school hours.

Other birthday celebration items such as flowers, cards, balloons, etc will NOT be given to students during the instructional day.

Field Trips

If a field trip is taken:
A permission slip will be sent home with each child to be signed by the parent or guardian. Children who do not return a signed permission slip will not be allowed to attend the field trip.

Parents may be asked to chaperone field trips. We ask that students ride the bus from school to the field trip. If a parent is attending the field trip, students can be signed out at the location and not have to ride the bus back if prior approval is received from the principal.

Siblings are not allowed on the field trip.

Library Information

The Giesinger Library is open each school day. Students will visit the library with their class during a scheduled time each week. Our librarian has open checkout times designated in the schedule where students are encouraged to check out books independently, if needed.

The following guidelines apply to student check out:

  • Pre-K students – Experience story time in the library, but do not check out books to take home

  • Kindergarten students – Check out 1 book that stays in their classroom

  • 1st grade-Check out 1 book

  • 2nd through 4th grade – check out 2 books

If books are lost, replacement cost information will be sent home with the student. Students will not be allowed to check out books until the replacement cost is paid. Our school will work with families, if needed, to set up payment plans for lost books through the library.

If you find a lost book within the school year that you have paid to replace, you will receive a full refund. Refunds will NOT be given for books found after the last day of school.

2022-2023 School Supply List

If you pre-ordered supplies, they will be delivered to classrooms by our PTO before Meet the Teacher.

Parent Access Center (PAC) Registration/Login

If you do not already have a PAC account, please register for one on the CISD website. It is free to all CISD parents/guardians and gives you access to important information. Registering in CISD does NOT give you a PAC account.

Giesinger Contact Information

Principal- Amy Barber - abarber@conroeisd.net

Assistant Principal- Jaime Peek- jpeek@conroeisd.net

Counselor- Amanda Barton- abarton@conroeisd.net

Secretary- Neva Hammonds- nhammonds@conroeisd.net

Receptionist- Irene Delcid- idelcid@conroeisd.net

Nurse- Dana Corbit, RN- dcorbit@conroeisd.net

Registrar- Robin Rickwalt- rrickwalt@conroeisd.net

Child Nutrition Manager- Misty Terry- mdterry@conroeisd.net

Cafeteria 936-709-2685

Conroe Transportation- 936-709-7916