Phenom phen

Phenom phen is the capital of Cambodia it has many many people the do not have a shop to go to like woollies or Coles the have markets with 100s of little stalls along the road

This is Ankor watt

It is in Asia Cambodia it is man mad.

It was mad 1000 years ago and now it is a world truism place to see

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Ankor watt

It is a over grown plaice it is a wonderful place to visit

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cambodian flag

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this is a map of cambodia

Pol Pot

Pol Pot and the Khmer rough were mountain men.they were really bad men.

They stoll kids from there parents and then trained them at army camps so they killed the Cambodians (Khmer). Pol Pot was and the Khmer rough were responsible for two million people.

The Khmer rough wanted to take Over Cambodia.

Pol Pot hadent had a very good education.So he wanted to kill ever on that was smarter than him because then if they were not smart they wouldn't fight

Khmer rough

Eventually ever one found out what pol pot was doing so the Americans,Australians and more went in to stop them and lots got killed and they put the main people in jail and most of them have died now but there is still one alive in jail right now