Belford's Bulletin

September 2014

What We're Learning

Learning How to Learn: We are learning how sit during carpet time (legs criss-cross and hands in lap), how to turn and talk with partners to share information, and how to walk in the hallway (hands to our sides, eyes straight ahead, and voices off).

Math: We're learning about counting sets of objects by using 1 to 1 correspondence, describing attributes of objects, comparing and sorting objects by their attributes, and how to solve math problems.

Language Arts: We're learning the names of our new friends! We're also learning to identify and make rhyming words, write our own names correctly, identify the names and sounds of letters in words, understand the purpose of letters, words and sentences, and finally we're learning to read labels in our classroom. We will enjoy many read-alouds as well as learn about parts of books, authors, and illustrators, and the different genres of writing.

The popcorn words we're learning this month are: I, can, we, the, like, a.

Science: We're learning how to be safe when conducting experiments, how to identify the physical properties of objects, and the way in which objects move and how to describe their location in relation to other objects.

Social Studies: We're learning about the importance of safety rules, different authority figures, community helpers, responsibilities of citizenship, and becoming familiar with people and places on our Campus. We're also learning about 7 Habits that make happy kids and great leaders!

Home Connection

In addition to the homework packet, here are some activities you can do with your child to reinforce our learning at school.

  • While you are reading to/with your child each night, have him/her identify the title of the book on the front cover, show with your finger how you are reading left to right and top to bottom on each page, ask questions along the way to be sure he/she understands who and what the story is about.
  • Get out the sidewalk chalk and practice writing letters and numbers on the driveway.
  • Count the number of peas, grapes, or other types of food that are on his/her plate.

End of Day

As a reminder, if your child walks home from Julienne or Perennial a teacher or instructional assistant will walk him/her to the cross walk and dismiss him. If you do not want your child walking home then please notify me in writing to make the change.

We'd also like to encourage you to use our bus transportation if your child is eligible. You can walk your child to the bus stop each morning and meet him/her there in the afternoon. This would alleviate your wait time at the school.

Teacher's Note

We're off to a great start this year! The kids are enjoying getting to know one another and are feeling successful about learning new things at school.

Please check your child's red folder each evening for notes, papers, etc. Be sure to talk with your child about the behavior calendar in his/her agenda each day. Any communication for the school (money, transportation notes, absence excuses, etc.) should be in the folder for me each morning.

Be sure your child gets a good breakfast each morning. We have very busy days at school and we need happy tummies!


Hunter and Rose celebrated their birthdays in August!

Tristan will celebrate his birthday this month!

Upcoming Events...

Sept. 3: Fundraiser Kick-off

Sept. 5: Coker Spirit Day - Students are encouraged to wear red or a Coker shirt

Sept. 17: Fundraiser money due

Sept. 23: Willie's NIght for Coker Students

Sept. 25: College Spirit Day


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To sign up for text messages, just text @mrsbelford to (832) 786-2520. To receive messages via email, send an email to