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"Why me?" Is every kids question when the get ringworm. Ringworm is a fungus that causes a red splotch which you can't stop scratching. This infection has many different symptoms and different ways to cure it
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Body 1 Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of ringworm can include hair loss, patches of scaling, crusty inflamed skin, and alternations in hair. This infectious disease can be found in feline animals and small children since they like to play around in the dirt and mud.

Body 2 Treatment

Ringworm can be treated with anti-fungal agents which can either be taken by the mouth or can be applied locally. People with eczema or other skin problems can get ringworm easily. It can also be treated with applications of fungicidal compounds which will be advised by a physician. Ringworm is contagious to other beings and requires vigilant treatment to care.


As you have read ringworm has many different symptoms and many different ways to cure it. Some of the main symptoms are scratching, redness in a specific spot, and more. One way to treat ringworm is by applying anti-fungal agents. So always remember to wash you hands and watch out for your surroundings.

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