Perseus and Medusa

By: Caroline, Charlotte, and Abby

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Persues and Medusa Plot Summary

In the story, Perseus and Medusa, there was a king who wanted a son, but an oracle told him that he would not bear a son. But she did tell him that his daughter, Danae, would have a son. But the bad part was that the son would kill the king. The king did not want this to happen so he locked his daughter in an underground apartment. But Zeus found her, and they had a son, Perseus. One day a messenger came to the king to tell him that his daughter had had a son. He was horrified and scared, so he locked Danae and her son Perseus in a chest and set them adrift to sea. They sailed to a tiny island called Seriphus, where a fisherman named Dictys saw them and took them back to his house. Dictys and his wife never had any children, so they welcomed Danae and Perseus with open arms. Perseus grew big and strong. But Dictys had a brother who was a mean king. He wanted Danae to become her wife, but she said no. He bullied her, but he was afraid of Perseus. He wanted to get rid of Perseus forever, so he sent Perseus to go and kill Medusa, a Gorgon.

What Gods or Goddesses were in the myth?

Zeus was the god that showed up in the myth. He was important in this myth because he and Danae had Perseus. He showed up when Danae was in the underground apartment. He was drawn to her by her beauty and came through the open ceiling, that was used for light. He is a big and strong god, the most important of all the gods. He rules the heavens and the Earth. He is the king of all gods, and he was the one who killed his dad, Kronos. Athena, Hermes, and Hades were in the myth. They were important because they all gave Perseus gifts to help him kill Medusa.
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King of the Underworld