What tick me off?

Well, I can't accept people who suddenly answer the cell phone when you are talking with them. I think they have to choose either asking for permission to answer the cell phone or not answeing until we finish to talk. For example my sister always does that or all the time she is looking the cell phone screen if someone sends a message or calls her. It's disrespectful and It really annoyed.

At the same time, It really bugs me when my friends smoking and blowing the cigarette smoke near me. Neither smoke nor smell second hand smoke. I'm not in favor of their allowing smoking where they want, they have to think that there are allergic people in the place. For example, there are some pubs that allow smoking or have a special place to smokers. It's so good and everybody can be pleased in the same place.

Something that gets on my nerves is when people start talking in the cinema. they are inconsiderate, because people go to the cineme to see and enjoy the movie in a quite way. Not only is it annoying, but it is also very impolite. I remember when someday I went to the cinema and a group of guys who are behind me started to talking, played wit the popcorn and laughed. I said them please be quiet, but they didn't. I was terrible, I hate them.