Hydroelectricity In Niagara Falls

By Aiden W


Have you ever wondered about hydroelectricity? Well, I can tell you about it. I will be answering the following questions:

What is the purpose?

Where is it located?

How are resources taken from the land?

What are the pros and cons?

Is the industry sustainable?

The Resources (hydroelectricity) are taken from water by...

The resources are taken by the gravitational force of moving water, that flows in to a dam or generator and it spins inside the generator, and creates electricity.
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The Industry is located in Niagara falls!

Actually, it's located in many large and small bodies of water, but for this case, it's in Niagara Falls. The reason it is in Niagara Falls is because Niagara falls contains moving water. You need water to get hydroelectricity because like I said before, the moving water flows into the generator spinning the water, and creating hydroelectricity

The purpose of hydroelectricity is to gather electricity from water.

Once we get the electricity, we use it to power all different types of machines. Also, in many countries, most of the electricity, is hydroelectricity!

(examples of machines below)

Pro's and Con's


Good things about hydroelectricity are that it powers machines and produces sustainable electricity.


Hydroelectricity can damage wildlife and animals, and cause floods to nearby areas and cause lots of damage.

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The industry is sustainable

Even though hydroelectricity may cause floods, when it uses water to make hydroelectricity, it doesn't "destroy" the water, after using the water, the water comes out back into the waterfall.


I hope you learned something about hydroelectricity and hope you enjoyed it!