By:Katy and Isabella

About Christianty

The things that we know about Christians are that they call there god Jesus , Holly Spirit,and god.They call there book the holy bible in Spanish it is called la Santa bible they us this because they can learn what god did to people.They call there leader the paster,minster,and preacher they talk about god and what he does in his life.The symbol is a cross.The holidays they celebrate are Christmas,Easter,Thanksgiving,Valentine, and New years they celebrate this holidays because in Christmas was the day that god was born. In Easter they celebrate it because god came back from the dead in the third day. Thanksgiving because we thank god for what he gave us. Valentines because we share the love with god and our family's. New years because we celebrate the new chapter in our life. THAT IS ALL FOLKS!!!

The paster


He is the leader of the churches.