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We had a great second week at the nest. A highlight was spending time with our new students that filled our nest in the commons. We have so much to look forward to this year!

Becky & Erin

Elementary Report Card Parent Information Nights

9/13, 7-8 pm @ South & 9/18, 7-8 pm @ Thomas

Teachers shared the following information about standards-based reporting at Curriculum Night, but we would also encourage parents to attend the district Elementary Report Card Parent Information Nights at Thomas or South. The new report card follows a standards-based philosophy, which means it is a tool to accurately communicate your child’s learning in each content area as it relates to the learning standards. The report card provides a more comprehensive picture of students’ academic achievement as well as their skills as a student.

D25 is excited to announce two parent information nights in the upcoming weeks. Please feel free to bring any questions you may have to one of these parent nights.

If you’re not able to attend a parent night, the presentation will be available on the district website.

Summer Reading Wrap-Up

Attention all readers: The library media center (LMC) staff would like to recognize our students who read lots of books this summer! Last June, we introduced students to the Arlington Heights Memorial Library Summer reading program at an assembly. We read our students the Chris Raschka illustrated book, The Hello Goodbye Window. Then, we asked our summer readers to design their own hello, goodbye windows to display at OMS. A letter and window template were sent home with students to explain the program. Now it’s time to finish up those windows and bring them back to school! We want to hang the windows on the bulletin board outside the LMC. Please visit the OMS LMC website summer reading page to download a new copy of the window poster if you need one:

Emergency Drills

This year, in collaboration with the Arlington Heights Police and Fire Departments, we will be administering a lockdown drill, evacuation drills, and a shelter-in-place drill. In addition to these practice drills, we practice routine emergency procedures school wide throughout the year, e.g., what do we do if there is an emergency during lunch, outside at recess, in the hallway, if you are in the washroom. Students and staff are not always aware of when the drills will occur; however, an intercom announcement is made just prior to the drill indicating it is a practice drill.

We understand practicing these types of routines may cause stress and anxiety in some of our students. Our staff is mindful to make sure students understand these are practice drills and that they are safe. Upon completion of our drills, we will notify you via school messenger so that you may talk with your child about the drill at home.

A Few Items from Dr. Bein...

Special Services Think Tank

Interested in helping connect families with students with special needs – with each other & with their school community? Join a group of parents and educators to brainstorm ways we can foster more relationships through district programs, staff development, education of all families, and community partnerships.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 5th from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at the Administration Center. Our topic for this month is “speakers/programs we can offer” so come ready to share ideas. Future meetings include October 5 (10:30 am), November 5 (6:30 pm), and December 5 (10:30 am).

Feel free to contact Dr. Lori Bein with questions at

Bringing Your Dog to School?

Many of us love pets of all kinds! Dr. Bein has had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, chameleons, and more. Bringing pets onto school property, however, can cause some concerns. We do have students who are allergic to some pets. We, also, have students who are very afraid of dogs. If you do need to bring a pet with you to pick up your students or to view an outside sporting event, please keep your pet leashed and please clean up after it. Also, please know that some children are very anxious seeing a dog on school grounds. Thank you for helping our students feel safe at school.

Students Missing from After School Clubs

• An announcement will be made during the school's announcements reminding students when programs are occurring.

• If a child doesn't show up to where he/she is expected (club or home), an ALL CALL will be made over the announcements.

• Parents will be contacted if the child doesn't respond immediately. If no one (parents or school) can locate student, 911 will be contacted.

• The school office personnel is available until 4 pm, but will remain available longer if a child is missing.

• Third party clubs, like Young Rembrandts, are being informed that they are expected to check attendance at the beginning of their club and contact parents immediately if a child is missing, but was in school that day.

Food Allergy Awareness

Each year we look for ways to continue to educate our students about allergies and how they can look out for one another. Next week during the lunch hour students will view a short slide presentation on Food Allergy Awareness. “This presentation uses the Be-A-PAL characters to teach elementary children food allergy awareness by covering topics such what a food allergy is, who can have food allergies, and how you can help people with food allergy.” Additional information on the Be-A-Pal program can be found HERE.

Music for Youth Enrollment Information

Click HERE for information about this stringed instrument program.
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