Richland Middle School Band

March 7th, 2021

The countdown to UIL is upon us!

for 7th and 8th graders- our annual UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest is just around the corner! Check the information below for more details

April 1st- Pre UIL

April 8th/9th- UIL Recording sessions

As always, please email Ms. Binkley with any questions:

New Sectional Schedule (7th and 8th Grade only!) Starting next week!

This Spring, BOTH 7th and 8th grade bands will be performing for the UIL Concert and Sightreading Competition. This competition will require us to play harder music at a higher level. Students in 2nd, 6th and 7th period will have to attend mandatory sectionals before or after school once a week. We have already worked this schedule out with tutorials, so there should be no conflict!

Morning Sectional Time: 7:30-8:30 AM (meet at the back gate by the parking lot!)

Afternoon Sectional Time: 4:10-5:10 PM

Monday Morning- Wind Ensemble Horns

Monday Afternoon- Symphonic/Concert Band Alto Saxophones, Horns, and Clarinets

Tuesday Morning-Wind Ensemble Trumpets,

Tuesday Afternoon-Symphonic/Concert Band Trumpets, flutes and oboe

Wednesday Morning-Wind Ensemble Flute and oboe

Wednesday Afternoon- Symphonic/concert band- Low brass and low reeds

Thursday Morning-Wind Ensemble Clarinets

Thursday afternoon- Wind Ensemble Low Brass

Friday Morning- Wind Ensemble Saxophones

Online students are welcome to come in and attend in person or on zoom!

Formal Concert Uniform Needed by March 22nd-7th and 8th grade only

For our UIL contest this year, 7th and 8th grade students will need to have their own formal concert attire- this is not provided by the school.

Formal concert uniform: SOLID BLACK dress shirt with buttons and collar- full length sleeves, Black dress pants (no leggings, no holes in the pants), Black Belt if your pants have belt loops, Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes), Ladies should wear black dress socks/stockings with their shoes.

This uniform will be what we perform in for all formal concerts and will be something needed for multiple events this spring! Please plan on having all uniform parts purchased by March 22nd. If you need any assistance, please let your band directors know!

6th Grade Band Karate

6th Grade Band students will be starting Band Karate this week! Each student has a light blue page that shows which line in the book they should be working on. Students will pass off lines to earn 'Karate Belts' and earn rewards based off of their progress.

Students should be practicing 30 minutes daily to ensure on track progress. This semester there will be more performance grades in the gradebook.

Canvas and live Zooms

Now that face to face instruction has begun, Online students should be logging into a zoom every day and play along with their class! Everyone should be logging into the zoom in order to receive attendance credit and your daily grade!

Zoom links can be found on the bottom of each Canvas home page (scroll to the bottom).

Zoom lessons with Binkley and Krause

If you would like to request a zoom lesson, please fill out the Google Form below. We will contact you with zoom appointment information.

Smart Music Class Codes

Here are the smart Music class codes (7th and 8th grade classes only)

  • Wind Ensemble (Varsity Band-6th period):KKZGP-MQKE3
  • Symphonic Band (Non Varsity Band-7th period):FP2U4-KP74E
  • Concert Band (sub non varsity Band-2nd period):AVREC-63REN

Band In person Class Schedule

RMS Band Bell Schedule- These are the times that online band students should plan on attending their zoom daily!

1st period- 8:40-9:23 Clarinet/Low Brass

2nd period-9:28-10:11 Trumpet/ Sub Non Varsity Band

3rd period-10:16-10:59 Saxophone/Trombone

4th period-11:04-12:24 Flute

5th period-12:54-1:36 Conference/Beginner Percussion

6th period-1:41-2:24 Varsity Band-Wind Ensemble

7th period-2:29-3:12 Non Varsity Band- Symphonic Band

8th period-3:17-4:00 Double Reeds/French Horn

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to get ahead in band class! Private lessons are one on one tutorials for your instrument with a professional musician. The cost is $18.00 per 25 minute lessons. Lesson times are available during your students band period, or before/after school. Lessons are not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

To sign up: reach out to one of the following instructors:

Flute: Ms. Kalina-

Clarinet: Ms.

Saxophone: Mr.

Trumpet: Mrs.

French Horn: Ms.

Trombone,Euphonium or Tuba: Mr.

Percussion: Mr.

7th and 8th Grade Music Selections

Below are the QR Code pages that link you to the recordings of our UIL Program. Students should listen to the recordings at least once a week. Enjoy!