Anthology project

By Karsten Portell


Karsten Portell was born in St.louis, Missouri and loves playing hockey and spending time with friends. He is 15 years old and now lives in Haslet, Texas. Karsten spends countless hours at the ice rink with teammates, he practices typically everyday of the week and plays multiple games on the weekends. He lives the life of a normal athlete with endless hours of practice and the struggles of balancing school work with a commitment to two hockey teams.

Where I'm from

I am from the Arch,

From the hockey pucks and baseballs

I am from the hills in the backwoods

I am from the hawthorn, the flowering dogwood

I am from traveling and bluish green eyes

From the Behrens and Portell's and competitive ones

I am from the secret keepers and sometimes loud mouths

From grades are your best friend and be that someone

I am from the lack of religion but still believe

I'm from the "show me state" and Portell's, toffee and sweet treats

From the time my papa served our country, the time my mom visited Oakland, California

And the trips to the beach

I am from the shelves with the books full of memories

wise spender (narrative)

Bob, a new kid at school that had no friends made some fast Bob was rich and everybody slowly became to know it. He liked to show out it by blowing his money on anything he desired although Bob thought he was happy he saw a family living in a small house as they were smiling and laughing Bob had everything he could possibly want except the family that cared. He comes home every day and his parents don't seem to appreciate him. All he wanted was a true happiness and what he decided to do was donate the money so that he could feel the happiness and see how much kids appreciated the smallest favors.

Love of the game(sonnet)

I love you more than a hot summers day

You are my everything sun up and down

Playing center is my forte

I skate in and out of town.

My favorite team is the Stl. Blues

I live in Dallas and watch the stars on tv

When they play each other it is hard to choose

I hope this will one day be me.

I am committed with time and skill

My sticks are Bauer, my skates are too

I run to practice and do the drill

There is nothing I will not do.

Hockey is what sets me free,

It lets me, be me.

Ode peom

Ode to my hockey stick

You are there for me every day

My partner in crime when I get a penalty

My best friend when I score

The way the carbon fiber glistens like the sea

You were there for me when the championship was ours

Even the rough losses

I take good care of you by taping you all up

As you lay in my gloves when shooting

You go through the pain of hitting the puck

You have saved the day when in the tightest situations

I occasionally hit you against the boards through the heated moments

But you have never failed me

As you continue your task as the seasons rolls on

Ode to my hockey stick.

Structure poem

As I skate down the ice with intensity while carrying the puck,

The crowd shouts with anxiousness. Aiming my shot the best I can

I shoot it. As the ref blows his whistle and gives the signal there it is

In the back of the net.


The reason behind my poems and choice of subject is based upon where and what I spend

Most of my free time doing daily. The endless hours of practice and games are my true passion. Focusing on fine tuning my skill with the top of the line equipment is truly 70% of my life.