Behavioral Adaptations

By: Allie Hayhurst


Communication is any form of behavior that sends signals between organisms. This includes gestures, facial expressions, gazes, and chemical signals. Communication between organisms is important because without it, they would have no way of understanding each other. It helps organisms survive because it helps them understand their boundaries, and helps them read the behavior of other organisms. Organisms attract mates through communication, so without it, organisms would die off.


Hibernation is a state of inactivity where body temperature drops really low and breathing slows. It happens in cold environments and it lowers metabolism. A few animals that hibernate would be bears, snakes, bees and bats. Hibernation helps animals survive because during the winter, there would not be enough food to sustain them and they would die of starvation. Because hibernation lowers metabolism, animals are able to make it through the winter without consuming food.