Rosa Parks

Change in History


Rosa Parks was born February 4, 1913. One challenge she faced was when she was little she saw her first realization that there was a black world and a white world because being black she had to walk to school while white were picked up in a school bus. She also faced the Jim Crow laws which separated whites and blacks from mingling. On December 1, 1955 Rosa was ordered to move from her seat on a bus. She would not move and so she was arrested.

Changing History

Rosa parks was the reason why the Montgomery bus boycott was started. The black people held the boycott for 381 days and finally the US Supreme Court ruling that it was unconstitutional. So on December 21, 1956 the buses in Montgomery were legally integrated. That was how she changed history

Black History Month

Rosa Parks is important to black history month because she stood up for what she thought was right. She would not let herself be bossed around by white people anymore. She continued to help other black people in different cases. She stuck to what she believed was right all the way to her death.