What's Happening in the iLab

Late October-November

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Kindergartners have been continuing their exploration of how technology helps us express ourselves creatively. As our full days kindies finish our digital art projects using augmented reality apps (we've had a few technical glitches) we're also moving into how we can create digital music.

Some of our favorite programs so far have been:

Incredibox (a favorite!--see picture above)


Tony-B Machine (fun for creating music AND learning keys on the keyboard)

Virtual Drums

We've also explored some websites that can help us as we are learning how to read. One of favorites is Starfall. Check it out! :)

Next Steps: We're going to learn how to write computer code (using programs made just for us kindergartners)!

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1st Grade

We've wrapped up our global expedition exploring our community as well as what communities look like in different parts of the world. It was so exciting to hear from schools from all around the world--as far away as Egypt and South Africa! We also had a fun visit from a Flat Stanley from Massachusettes. Some classes got to spend more time with that Flat Stanley than others, but we documented her visit, and we thought you might have fun looking at what we learned together. You click here to learn more.

We had a little bit of a break between our last lesson, and our Computer Science Week Unit, which will actually be spread out throughout the month of December and a bit into January. In those short weeks, some classes explored how people use technology to enhance storytelling, in preparation for an upcoming unit where we will be creating our own stories. One of the sites we visited was Storyline Online, which you may have fun exploring with your child. If your child isn't familiar with Storyline Online, thats OK, feel free to show it to them. It's a great site!

Next steps-Learning to Code as part of our exploration into Computer Science.

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2nd Grade

2nd graders have been working very hard on multi-media presentations put together to honor our veterans. We've been collaborating with Mrs. Padworski in music, as well as the classroom teachers to enhance our understanding of how veterans and active service men and women are an extremely important part of our community.

We used a cool tool called Animoto, which creates very polished and professional looking slideshows. If you'd like to see our finished projects, you can visit this link. If you don't see your child's video as part of the classroom movie, it is probably because they did not have permission to have their work displayed online. If you'd like me to email you a direct link of just your child's work, please email me at cebeck@dcsdk12.org.

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3rd Grade

Third graders have wrapped up their study on cybersafety. We've talked extensively about how to stay safe online, what is OK to share online and what you should NEVER share. We've also explored what cyberbullying is and what to do if you get cyberbullied, or know someone who has. With our new learning, we created public service announcements about cybersafety to teach other students and the community about being safe, respectful and responsible online. We hope to feature some of these on our website after Winter Break.

Students had the choice of a number of different tools to create their public service announcement, including GoAnimate, Animoto, Piktochart, Haiku Deck and Canva.

To learn more about the tools, you can visit this website.

And, as always, students can visit the Symbaloo page to access this websites.

Next up: Learning how to becoming computer programmers!