Community United Effort


The CUE is a very trust worthy organization. They show good character because of what they did, They saved a lot of missing people and brought them back to their families. This shows amazing character.
TOGETHER... WE ARE CUE (Community United Effort)

Founder: Mrs. Caison

In 1994, Mrs. Caison founded the non-profit CUE (Center for Missing Persons), which is focused on finding the missing, advocating for their causes, and supporting their families.

Mission Statement

The CUE is a very helpful organization. They help other families that have a missing sibling and help them through it. This organization is a supported organization and is a organization that you can trust. They have found over 100 people that were taken away from their loved ones!


This is not the official CUE Smore. This is a classroom assignment for Mrs. Cahill's health class. Made by Ethan Rances and Walter Ankner.