All About Andrea


Dolphins Are Better Than Whales!

I think dolphins are really sweet animals. They're really cool, and I hope to swim with them one day. Dolphins are related to whales and porpoises, but in my opinion dolphins are way cooler and seem gentle and sweet. I also like the fact that dolphins are called dolphins, I think it's very unique.


My Favorite Hobby

Shopping is my definition of cardio. It's a great workout, and going to a great sale every now and then is just perfect! I like shopping whether it's online or at the mall. It's just the best thing ever, in my opinion. I just like anything that has to do with shopping, style and or fashion.


I have one other sister, her name is Britnie. She is twenty one years old, a junior at Sam Houston, after completing two years at University Of Houston. She is getting her degree in Education, where she will become a teacher. I truly enjoy my sister, we laugh and joke around all the time. She is the best sister anyone could ask for! She is incredible, I really love my sister.


I would have to say my favorite memory is when my sister Britnie, gave birth to my niece in June. That was the most memorable experience ever. Being there with her, and her my brother-in law sharing that life changing moment was incredible. I'm very blessed to have been there with them!

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