The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By: Jamie Pantekoek


Tom and is baseball camp was not good and never practiced. One day when there was a town meeting Doc said If the  baseball camp wins then the town will stay the same. If they lose bring in the bulldozers. They started practicing everyday all day! It seemed to be long days to them. They started getting better at some stuff. One day they saw a stranger riding in to town. They found out it was Cruz De La Cruz. He was there to help them with there hitting on a game he made called the HitSim. The team won the game at the end but Doc ended up dieing because his heart couldnt take it. They point in the book that I liked most was at the end when Tom went it the back of his drawing book and saw what Doc had  wrote in there before he died. It said that he was giving everything to Tom and his parents. I felt like I was Tom and getting everything that Doc owned!!! I was so excited for them. Tom still got to keep Docs land and he was overwelmed. I thought it would end up like Doc would be so proud and invite Cruz to live with him if Cruz didnt run away and Doc was alive.

How Tom changed.

I think Tom change his feelings in baseball! Tom didnt care for practicing and getting better. One day, Tom and his baseball camp was put under this crazy, nerves felling because they had to play to save their small, dry, unliving town. I think that is when he started changing. His feeling for Marie changed from thinking she was dumb, weird, and strange to going to like her.


I pick Tom because loves to draw. Tom is strong and always wants to get better. Tom reminds me of me little neice, because when she plays a game and she dont get it she trys and trys untill she gets it, and she loves to draw!!


The theme of the story is that to never give up and try to get better!

Who I thought was the hero of the book!

I thought Del Gato was the hero of the book. He is the one who came and help to team to win.  He was the coach. He is also my hero because he saved Toms mom.