Social Media Causing Skill Loss

Social media is destroying teens self confidence

The affects of Social Media

Social media is a very broad spectrum, it goes from watching cute cat videos to the deepest darkest secrets of celebrities. Although a lot of us like to believe that we aren't consumed or affected by media, it actually affects us more than we imagine. Media by definition means “the main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively.” With multiple different media outlets that a lot of us see daily it would be hard for it not to influence us in any way. It can influence you in a good or bad way but either way it happens. It may seem like you'd have to be really insecure for media to influence you but even if you're the most confident person ever you still can doubt yourself sometimes. Overall i think media is good and very revolutionary but if you don't watch it it can be a nightmare.

Social media influences young adults more than anyone can imagine. A lot of time media and who you see on it can influence how you feel about yourself. Teenage girls see a woman with a super skinny body, a big butt, and big boobs and think that’s how they should look. These images can affect their self concept and self worth. Guys are a lot less sensitive to body image comparisons, but that doesn't mean it doesn't affect them. Media puts out a false image and idea that men have to be super masculine, It can be bad sometimes because it makes men think they can't show their feeling or be in a vulnerable time in their life. It also makes them think they have to have lots of money and material items. Different kinds of medias have different effects but I think that overall it makes everyone question themselves a bit. Media can affect teens in wonderful ways, but these are just some negative effects.

Although social media has been valuable, networking websites have concerns over cyber bully. This bullying is the use of harass, threaten or humiliate other. Young teens trying to keep away from the harassment and begin trying to fit in. For example, someone recieves likes and has the coolest tweets are the measure of popularity. The obsession with being the most popular on media, teens soon become addicted and compulsive to checking their web pages. Social media will be around for centuries to come. New media will come along in the process over time. People of all ages are on these networks. Keeping up with the latest trends and coolest people.

Media was and always will be in use for the society. Over time the amount of negativity will increase dramatically. All over the world people bullied on media for trying to keep up with the trends and fit in. Starving themselves, buying likes and followers for the benefit of no one. Students should minimize the amount of time and money spent on these different media channels. Students are being exposed to many things that could easily influence their futures. Keeping away from these medias can give more time to homework , family, and real friends. Media will always be here for use, but the way you use for your success is the mystery.

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