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Week of December 21

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Let's Celebrate

Below are the messages I recieved today of you all celebrating each other:

*Vanessa has been a great help to the entire fourth grade team. Her technology knowledge has come in very handy!

*I am really grateful for Marcum. She has become a great friend and I continue to learn from her each day. I appreciate her fun humor!

*Tyler Swatzell cares for his students and I love that he can make all situations funny. He has a very laid back personality and brings humor to our every day.

I am blessed to enjoy the group of people I spend so much time with. They make good days awesome and help me find humor in the bad days.

*Kristi Archer has such a good heart and I feel blessed to have her friendship and am grateful for the way she takes care of me and so many others in the building.

Leah because she is always on top of everything.

*Elisha, thanks for making me laugh!

*Being part of the Sweeny Family has been a HUGE support for me this year. Between losing my mom in the spring and going through this first holiday season without her, and the financial struggle I've encountered, this new family I'm a part of has given me the strength to push through. I come to work every day with a smile because I truly feel this is the BEST place to work!

*Yvonne Hunziker- She has just wrapped her wisdom and love around me. It's so amazing to see how interacts with her students with such patience and understanding. She also asks and helps me with math instruction.

*Anita Brown- When I get grumpy or start having a fixed mindset she also helps me look at the positive and encourages me to grow.

*Vanessa Thorne- She helps me with ALL my technology questions...and that's a lot!

*Amy Foreman is such a strong person and the world is a funnier place with her in it. I look forward to hearing what she has to say each day.

*Anita is such a sweet person and has an amazingly positive attitude. I love to run into her each day for her friendly hello.

*Hunziker is a hilarious genius. I love how practical she is and appreciate her advice and thoughts.

*Julie B. is awesome and appreciate our short visits in the mornings.

*Thorne pays attention to people and cares about them. She works hard and wants to do whats best for her class. I am glad that I have gotten to know her and can call her a friend.

*Jonna is so hardworking and stays positive. Thank you for all that you do!

*Stephanie loves her kids and celebrates all their accomplishments and takes pride in what they can do! I see her teaching lessons and I think she is awesome!

*Beth Thank you for the way you have helped me grow as an educator. I love the way that you care about your teachers and all of our students! I appreciate the work you have put in to make this a cheerful and happy building! It means a lot to me!

*My whole first grade team is the best at making me laugh! They know me so well that they can predict my reaction to things when I'm not even with them! They know my flaws...and like appreciate me anyway! They are true friends!

*I saw Amy Skeans ride the bus because an older student was having a very difficult time being safe. That is going above and beyond!

*Krisiti-she always has my back and is there to support me when I need it. She makes the office so positive and cheery. She always makes me laugh and I love that. I could not be here or do my job without her, absolutely love her!

*Sierra and Amy are amazing to work with in 3rd Grade. They have amazing ideas and are always available to bounce ideas off of. Plus we have so many laughs!

*Kyle is a great office mate. He is great to collaborate with or ask for his opinion. I also love when he brings my former students over so I can share celebrations with them.

*Sandy Embretson has been great to work with as a buddy classroom. Spending time together is the frosting on the cupcake of our week!

*Kristi and Leah are so helpful! It is great to know that they are in the front.

*Piper has been so fun to get to know this year on the collaborative team. I'm glad I get to work with such a wonderful,positive person.

* I just want to share again how amazing the Student Leadership Team has been this school year! There is a lot our team is doing on our own time to be prepared for our meetings and assemblies, and they come through every time! They read, create, brainstorm, etc. all before we meet each time and leave each meeting ready to tackle it all again for the next month. And...all of them come with a positive attitude, smiles, and laughs. I just can't even begin to describe how much they support each month. Today's assembly is the perfect example, they brought in items, helped set up before hand, gave a lending hand during the assembly, and jumped right back up to help with cleaning up.

*Brenna Watson has supported me by always being encouraging! She faces things with an open mind and really supports the student that we share!

*Tyler Swatzell- He can turn any situation around with his unique perspective. I love how his one liners can really brighten my day, and crack me up!! He is always willing to do whatever we toss at him, and he has such a good attitude about it:)

*Melanie Gilliland- She is my bright shining star. I couldn't make it through each week without her making me laugh. She pushes me to do a better job, but also keeps me in check and reminds me to go home and see my family! I LOVE HER.

A Week at a Glance

Announcement Helpers: Mrs. Embretson's Class

Monday, December 21st:

Monday, December 22nd: 8:30 Sped Staffing; 10:30 Perfect Attendance Field Trip; 2:30 Sweeny Sing Along; 3:45 pm Ticket Redemption

December Quote of the Month

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Together is better...thank you for keeping our spaces clean and organized!

December-Please remember to check your assigned area each day...thank you!

Sweeny Diner/Staff Lounge-Kindergarten

Makerspace-2nd Grade

Literacy Library-4th Grade

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