The Nuremberg Trials

by Munir Abdel-2

What ever happened to the Nazis after WW2?

Many people may wonder" What ever happened to some of the Nazis that were apprehended?" The Nuremberg Trials. That's what happened.


The Nuremberg trials consisted of 13 court trials to bring down many notorious Nazi war criminals after World War Two. The trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany and began in 1945 and ended in 1949. The Nazi defendants consisted of high ranking military officers as well as industrialists, lawyers and doctors who were all under the Hitler regime. They were all accused of crimes against humanity.



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The Trial of Major War Criminals

A major part of the Nuremberg Trials were the Trials of Major war Criminals which nearly lasted a year. The trial went down in an interesting way. The sentences and fates of the defendants were in the hands of multiple judges called a Tribunal instead of there being a jury and just a solo judge. There were still prosecutors and attorneys. The main American prosecutor was Robert Jackson an associate justice(not a chief judge) of the U.S. Supreme Court. Each of the four Allied Powers involved in the war appointed two judges.

Twenty two Nazi war criminals were put on trial along with smaller Nazi organizations. The defendants could pick their own lawyers, and they tried to use tricky defense methods. One defense strategy was that the Allies(who were the bittersweet victors) were being too tough on them.

Since the defendants and judges spoke different languages the trial had a new technological tool. Instant translation which came to be by the U.S. company IBM. They recruited people from telephone exchanges to provide translations through special headphones.

At the very end the Judges found nearly all defendants guilty besides three.

Most of the defendants were sentenced to death while others were put in prison for a very long time.


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The Subsequent Trials

Soon after the first trial in Nuremberg ended it was followed by another twelve trials called the subsequent trials. These trials lasted from 1946 to 1949. These trials were much different since the defendants weren't as high up as the other Nazis in the previous trial, and instead of International judges the trials were looked upon by U.S. military judges. It was a bit difficult the last time because of the differences of the international tribunal.

Another important trial during this period was the Doctor's trial(1946-1947) where more defendants were accused of crimes against humanity conducting medical experiments on War prisoners. There was also the Judges Trial where lawyers and judges were charged with trying to help the Third Reich reach it's goal of a perfect race. There were many other trials some against industrialists and other high ranking military officers.

Nuremeberg Executions

In the first trial twelve Nazi defendants were sentenced to death. The method of execution were hangings. The hangings took place in the gym of Nuremberg Prison by United States Army members. The executioners were Sergeant Woods and Joseph Malta. A notable person executed was Hans Frank who was a German lawyer who worked for the Nazis. Though the high ranking Nazi Hermann Goring committed suicide before his execution.

Below is the Corpse of Hans Frank shortly after he was hanged.

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Nuremberg Trials (1945)

Interesting Nuremberg Trial Facts

1) The Reason the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was not put on trial is because he committed suicide before the Allied forces apprehended him.

2) Gustav Krupp was being one of the accused was unfit to be put on trial after having a stroke.

3) The most important Nazi captured by the Allied forces was Hermann Goring.

4) Two Associates of Hitler Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels committed suicide as well.

5) 8 people received life sentences in the Subsequent trials part of the Nuremberg Trials.


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The Nuremberg trials were very important mainly because it brought many Nazis to justice for horrendous crimes against humanity. It was also important because it was a new experience with the Trial of Major War Criminals had judges from all over the world basically making it an international trial. It also introduced the translating headphones which is impressive technologically speaking. In Conclusion the Nuremberg Trials have a very important role in World history

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