United Kingdom

Trade Representative: Charles Page

Constitutional Monarchy Or Parliamentary Government

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Approximate Population: 65 Million

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Largest export: Cars

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Largest Import: Machinery

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Currency: Pound Sterling

1 British pound = 1.46 US Dollar 1 British Pound = 242.46 Angolan Kwanza
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I learned quite a bit about the united kingdoms current economic state. The exchange rate is not as different as i thought it would be in comparison to the united states, cars and machinery are the nations biggest import and export, and finally the GDP and population are steadily rising more then i would have hypothesized.

Pros of Trading with my Country

  • greater competition in services - which is good for businesses and consumers
  • removal of trade barriers
  • reduction of business costs
  • greater business efficiency
  • elimination of anti-competitive practices - such as monopolies and cartels

Cons of Trading with my Country

Communication Barriers
It becomes very difficult for the EU to communicate with all of it’s citizens because they all speak different language. This also impact the feeling of unity among it’s members. It makes it harder to bring people together.

So why UK?

Well, clearly our advantages outway our one disadvantage. But with so many countries and populous of different backgrounds and economic systems. The UK is one of the rare few in the Free Market to have the advantage of cultural and economic diversity that matches the profile and necessity of most if not all countries involved in trade with us. GO UK!